SmashingConf Whistler 2014 attendee directory

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LeeAnn Kinney

Front-end developer passionate about making the web accessible to everyone.

Adrian Bateman

Program Manager @ Microsoft Edge

Lina Kang

Work in progress. Applying what I know, while learning what I don't. bio from Twitter

Carolina von Esch

I'm passionate about animal and human rights, glassblowing and design. bio from Twitter


HTML Email Developer | former pastry chef | cyclist | HUSKY mom http://instagram.com/_summit_ bio from Twitter

Chris Balt

Web Product Guy @Microsoft. Principal of Cinch. Husband to @laHappyDesign. Love the web, my wife and Jesus. bio from Twitter

Sebastien Labbe

Senior Web Developer / Social Media / Technology / Design Addicted... bio from Twitter

Laura Levin

Web Designer | Willamette University bio from LinkedIn

Andrew Pez Pengelly

Scruffy looking nerf herder. bio from Twitter

Ping-Jung "Judy" Tsai

VP of Interactive Development, Digital Marketing, Custom Web Module/Applications bio from LinkedIn

Elle Kasai

UI/UX Designer

Eric Brooke

I’m deeply curious, love to learn, insightful about people and their psychological makeup, deft at communication, excel at networking, deeply tech-savvy

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Zach Leatherman

One of @filamentgroup. Herding @nebraskajs.

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Dave Shea

using Twitter for me, not for you. bio from Twitter

marc thiele

Designer, type lover & organizer of beyond tellerrand events. Hobby photographer. Loves playing, is always excited to learn new things.

Stephanie Hobson

I like to make websites everyone can use. #html #css #js #a11y #perf

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Patrick Hamann

Lead client-side developer, the Guardian

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Marcin Wichary

Fellow, Code for America

Daniel Hawksworth

Daniel Hawksworth, Young Entrepreneur, Co Founder of The Hawkify Group bio from LinkedIn

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Kyle Simpson

Open web evangelist, JavaScript, HTML5, web performance.

Jeff Nelson

Front-end Developer, Photographer

Tyler Lesperance

developer | drummer | snowboarder | XXXer | Canadian bio from Twitter

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Stephen Hay

Author of Responsive Design Workflow (New Riders, 2013). Design and development strategist. Designer, developer, writer, speaker, closet visual artist.

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The Mystery Speaker

Somebody you definitely know, and definitely respect.

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Jenn Lukas

Front-end dev, co-host @ladies_in_tech Podcast, GirlDevelopIt + Skillshare teacher http://skl.sh/19vHgP1, http://thenerdary.net, http://cookinsidethebox.com

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Susan Robertson

Front end code wrangler, CSS obsessed, reader, yogi, trying to see the cup as half full.

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