Smashing Conference Freiburg 2014

A new Smashing Conference: 2 days, one track, 18 brilliant speakers, and hands-on, practical and useful talks.

15 16 September 2014

18 speakers

  • Sara Wachter-Boettcher @sara_ann_marie Content strategist, writer, thinker, cocktail drinker. My name eats character limits for breakfast. Chomp.
  • Josh Emerson @joshje I'm a front end developer and designer working on exciting stuff for @zeeboxUK.
  • Phil Hawksworth @philhawksworth Web geek, skier, coffee lover, bad dancer. Technical Director at R/GA
  • Gerry Leonidas @gerryleonidas Opinionated typographer
  • Jason Grigsby, ☁4 @grigs Co-Founder of and, Co-Author of Head First Mobile Web
  • Phil Coffman @philcoffman Husband, father, creative director @element, & founder of @methodandcraft.
  • Patty Toland @pattytoland Partner at Filament Group in Boston.
  • Matt Andrews @andrewsmatt Mandarin speaking Labs developer making apps - that aren't apps - & more for @FT.
  • Marcin Wichary @mwichary, Fellow, Code for America, Google.
  • Mathias Bynens Opera Software @mathias Front-end web developer.
  • Christopher Murphy @fehler A writer, designer and educator, described by Creative Review as, “A William Morris for the digital age.” Publisher of @readtinybooks and @getglyph.
  • Kevin M. Hoffman @kevinmhoffman IA/UX/acronyms. Facilitator. International speaker on meetings. Founder @7headsdesign. Co-chair @iasummit '13. Ex-@happycog. Dad. Goofball. Bad @ sentences.
  • Yesenia Perez-Cruz @yeseniaa Designer at Happy Cog. Winter is the worst, snacks are the best. xox me
  • Jeremy Keith @adactio An Irish web developer living and working in Brighton, England.
  • Paul Bakaus @pbakaus Pushing the boundaries of the web for you. Creator of jQuery UI and the Aves Engine. Developer Advocate for Google Chrome.
  • Pete Smart @petewsmart UX Designer, speaker and writer. Helping others drive innovation through user-centred design. Travelled 2517 miles to try and solve
  • Josh Payton @jpay User Experience Director at Huge Inc.
  • The Mystery Speaker @DoNotDrinkHot Have you guessed who the mystery speaker is going to be this year? ;-)

52 known attendees

  • boneyfantaseas
  • Melanie Lang
  • Tobias Bannwart
  • Daniel Wentsch
  • sheema mahmud
  • Jev Zelenkov
  • Giorgos Koletis
  • Rowdy Rabouw
  • Hendrik Simon
  • Noel Tock
  • Karl Merkli
  • Marcel Weber
  • Elisabeth Irgens
  • Klemens Gordon
  • Rolf Meyer
  • Michael Grosch
  • Patrice Albertus
  • Jens Heidrich
  • Serge Hardmeier
  • Wolli Ruf
  • Michael Beglinger
  • Ben MacGowan
  • MichaelSo
  • Simon Koch
  • Marko Dugonjić
  • Irena Dugonjić
  • Oliver Schmidt
  • Marszu
  • Daniel Daxl
  • marc thiele
  • Marc Rinderknecht
  • Dennis Terrey
  • Vitaly Friedman
  • Sara Wachter-Boettcher
  • Cat Clark
  • Josh Emerson
  • Phil Hawksworth
  • Gerry Leonidas
  • Jason Grigsby, ☁4
  • Phil Coffman

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  • Tanja de Bie
  • Tobias Adam
  • Fabian Tempel
  • Erik Pellemeier
  • Sander Aarts
  • Glenn Gillen
  • Riccardo Coppola
  • Bjorn Jensen
  • Russ U
  • Diana LeRoi-Schmidt
  • Michał Drobniak
  • Nannette Kye
  • Jasper Rijkeboer 
  • Roni
  • Maciek
  • Cesare Rinaldi
  • James Young
  • Thomas Hollstegge
  • Dan Donald
  • Tim Caynes
  • Bruno Monteiro
  • Breandán Knowlton
  • Eddie Rich
  • Jillian Munson
  • Yohan Creemers
  • nils rydh
  • 38one
  • Natalia Karbasova
  • Gerald Hensel
  • Jan Vajda
  • Oriol Torrent
  • Johan Berndtsson
  • Zeke Sikelianos
  • DaQuirm
  • Eric Eggert
  • Peter-Paul Koch
  • Raphael Kallensee
  • Luca Salvini
  • Michael Baur
  • Andreas Cappell

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