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Friday 6th June 2014

  • Static Sites Can be the Solution

    by Simon Wood

    We build complex dynamic websites as a first port of call but these are slow have issues with scaling, and can be complex to host. I believe we should more often look to static sites first. I want to teach the audience why static sites are such a good choice. How they can build static sites, using tools like Jekyll and other static site builders. How they can be hosted on S3 and GitHub pages and how they are super fast. Talk about how they can be frequently updated with the correct workflow even though they are static. You can have a blog on a static site and still make regular new blog posts. Also talk about when you need dynamic elements how you can achieve that with client side JS. I want to give the audience real skills they can take home and implement.

    At 4:00pm to 4:50pm, Friday 6th June

    In Mura Room (Clarendon), Hilton Edinburgh Grosvenor

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