A practical developer conference about scalable software

28 October 2014

Span is a practical developer conference about creating scalable systems. Each talk will focus either on sharing practical knowledge that you can put into action or will tell a story of past-mistakes and how you can avoid them. You won't find a sales-pitch masquerading as a talk. And as much as we love non-developers, we won't make you listen to a philosopher or marketer give you tips on how to code.

Topics you can expect to see on the programme include high availability, functional programming, distributed sytems, APIs and NoSQL, all with a no-bullshit promise.

11 speakers

11 sessions

22 known attendees

  • Ahmet Zeytindalı
  • Elliot Murphy
  • Charles Kubicek
  • Kevin McDermott
  • Manu Marchal
  • Mike Spitz
  • Span Conference
  • Marco Abis
  • Richard Astbury
  • matthewrevell
  • Philipp Fehre
  • Stephane Maldini
  • Mike Elsmore
  • Michael Nitschinger
  • Robert Virding
  • thattommyhall
  • Richard Conway
  • javier ramirez
  • Elliot Murphy
  • Alexander Dean
  • Martin Kleppmann
  • Phil Wills

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  • Gurkan Oluc
  • Data Value Strategy
  • Florian Rathgeber
  • Sam Larsen
  • UXCampBrighton
  • Dave Evans
  • Tessa Alexander
  • Simon Davy
  • steve mcc
  • Paweł Rein
  • Jonty Wareing
  • Zoe Nolan
  • Steve Jalim
  • Diviyesh Patel
  • Amir Arad
  • Matt Cottingham
  • Elena Osti
  • Anthony S. G. Evans
  • mohan
  • Patriek van Dorp
  • Oliver Farrnbacher
  • Marco Vermeulen
  • Ches Martin ♞
  • Ivan Fraixedes
  • Max Froumentin

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  • matthewrevell @matthewrevell

    Developer Evangelist at Couchbase

  • Mike Elsmore @ukmadlz
  • Phil Fehre @ischi

    Developer Evangelist at Couchbase, deploying the bleeding edge to production since 1999

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