Startup Week Vancouver

Celebrating Vancouver's Tech and Startup Ecosystem

14 21 November 2014

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The goal for a Startup Week is to celebrate tech entrepreneurship across the ecosystem of a city or region. From weekend hack events where people are experiencing building their first startups, to established companies looking to grow and hire, all stages of businesses are included. Take the opportunity to tell stories about the successes of the companies and people that make up your community.

The basic format for the week is as follows:

  • Events: everything from talks, workshops, keynotes and more. Many of them can be hosted directly in company offices, giving an opportunity for people to see inside these businesses. Design, Marketing, Development, Business etc. - all topics should be represented to include items of interest for everyone. These can range from 30 person meetups in a large boardroom to 200 person keynotes with an out-of-town speaker.
  • Hiring: highlight all the companies that are hiring, and promote the opportunities available.
  • Celebration: a very large kickoff or closing event that might include pitches, awards, keynote speakers, and just general connection making and networking.
  • Press: everyone in the community working together to tell their local stories to the city as a whole, as well as carrying that story nationally or internationally

62 speakers

59 sessions

Startup Week Kickoff Day 1 Friday 14th November 2014

Day 2 Saturday 15th November 2014

Day 3 Sunday 16th November 2014

Day 4 Monday 17th November 2014

Day 5 Tuesday 18th November 2014

Impact & Social Ventures Day Day 6 Wednesday 19th November 2014

Day 7 Thursday 20th November 2014

Startup Week Closing Day 8 Friday 21st November 2014


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90 known attendees

  • Mette Maagensen
  • Parker Busswood
  • Firuzjon
  • Kevin Penstock
  • Anthony Tsui
  • Bryan Clark
  • Kofi Boateng
  • Maryam Kashi
  • Sebastian Krumhausen
  • Dean Prelazzi
  • Alec Morgana
  • Mona
  • Rodrigo Garcia
  • Daniel Costa da Silva
  • Nagib Tharani
  • Kinh DeMaree
  • Denim & Steel
  • Nadeem Kassam
  • Jonathan Yee
  • Geoff Fawkes
  • Anthony Yu
  • Sebastian Krumhausen
  • Michael Brooks
  • Gregory Peacock
  • hans peter meyer
  • Jean-Francois
  • lrahman10baba
  • 7up
  • Elle Kasai
  • Jim DeLaHunt
  • Gregory Peacock
  • Daniele Buzzurro
  • Dave Emmett
  • Sean Kennedy
  • Charlene
  • Cheryl Draper
  • Sarah McCredie
  • Dan Martell
  • Andrew Hyde
  • Lloyed Lobo

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  • Özgün Genç
  • Ryan J Ollos
  • James Young
  • David Szabo
  • Benjamin Sanders
  • Greg Webster
  • Tina Bao
  • Blake Brown
  • Victor Lesau
  • Sean Elbe
  • Eva Yin
  • Dylan Chernick
  • Gary Fung
  • Norman Sue
  • Crystal Henrickson
  • Jordan Palmer
  • Kraig Docherty
  • AlexandraSamuel.com
  • Sylvain Carle
  • fatuyi omotayo,emmanuel

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