Strange Loop 2014 attendee directory

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Fawad Halim

Systems Architect at Uptake

Thiago Nunes

Senior Backend Engineer at SoundCloud bio from LinkedIn

Ulrik Sandberg

AWS certified solutions architect/developer that's into cloud and functional programming. Loves Clojure. Eats #LCHF. Dislikes misogynists. Kiva lender. bio from Twitter


Engineer of fine JVM software for fun and profit. Photography and NWS volunteer. Occasional sarcasm, nerd rants and f-bombs. Lets do this shit!


Jerkbag who studies programming language theory and implementation.

Richard Feldman

Let’s go with the ambitious approach.

Aaron VonderHaar

Cutting-edge Software Developer, User Experience Advocate, Optimist and Educator

Lynn Langit

Cloud Big Data Architect

Nina Zakharenko

I'm a Python and Javascript developer with a love for clean, quality code.

Elise Huard

fish inversely proportioned to pond bio from Twitter

Joe DeVivo

Software Engineer @chef.

Jessica Kerr

Developer, speaker, mother, crazy nut. Always learning and growing.

Eleanor McHugh

English(iNTp, hacker, author, physicist, musician, libertarian, goth, christian, tory, LgbT) = Human(superior, sociable, contrarian, neophile)

Sean Cribbs

Software Engineer at Basho Technologies

Chris Jester-Young

Expat Kiwi from Auckland. INFP. Totally facetious.

Ilya Kaplun

Chief Technology Officer at Firecracker bio from LinkedIn

Brett Hoerner

Digital janitor. bio from Twitter

Trotter Cashion

Engineering Manager at Riot Games bio from LinkedIn

Peter Bourgon

Distributed systems. Software that serves the purpose.

Rod Knowlton

Sysadmin turned coder. That's not a bad thing, is it? I also crack wise on non-code things as @toldorknown bio from Twitter

Jeremy Neander

Software Development Craftsman at 8th Light, Inc. | Perpetual Student | Doer bio from Twitter

Robert Kennedy

Scala & Clojure dev at The Climate Corporation bio from Twitter

Dave Nolan

tech @appearhere bio from Twitter

Scott Stanlick

Enterprise IT and Musician bio from LinkedIn

sam neubardt

fake geek boy

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