Behaviour Driven Development Overview - The Feedback Onion Workshop

17 February 2014 from 9am to 5pm

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The Feedback Onion covers the principles, processes and techniques of BDD with a view to:
Helping teams Maximise Opportunities for Feedback (MOFF) at each stage of the development process using a structured collaboration framework
Helping teams leverage outputs from development processes by structuring them within a Living Documentation System.

By the end of the session attendees will be able to:
Communicate BDD principles and techniques and how they help businesses evolve quickly and deliver business capabilities in the shortest possible timeframe
Understand the BDD collaboration framework in order to
Use collaboration tools at the appropriate stage in the project and for the right audience
Plan lean delivery cycles with a focus on business value and getting feedback on business ideas and products at the earliest opportunity
Chunk down complex problems into prioritised increments of delivery
Give structure and process to agile teams to help them deliver the right thing
Maximise opportunities for feedback at all levels of collaboration within their organisation.

Communicate the value of collaboration techniques such as Impact Mapping, Story Mapping and Specification by Example and understand how they map to development processes within their organisation.
Understand How to implement a Living Documentation system in order to
Leverage all development outputs and documentation to make them highly useful for the whole team using plain English
Move towards more maintainable and higher value regression test automation by using executable specifications
How to implement BDD methods and processes in easy, bite-size steps without the need for a transformation programme or huge disruption.

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