UX Brighton 2014 speakers

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Andy Clarke

Designer, author and speaker bio from Twitter

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Andy Dennis

I help people consider and create things. Mostly close to glowing rectangles. Often near the sea or some hills. bio from Twitter

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Ben Sauer

UX Strategist at Clearleft, ex-director at The Escape Committee, startup coach. Occasional speaker + writer at http://slapdashery.org VUI / product strategy bio from Twitter

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David H. Helman

Ph.D. in Philosophy from Harvard, M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering, for publications google David H. Helman

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Dr Anna L Cox

Deputy Director of the UCL Interaction Centre and a Reader in HCI.

Her research uses scientific methods to understand the interaction between people and computers. Much of her current research falls in the broad area of HCI for Health & Wellbeing: this includes work on reducing human error in the use of medical devices and exploring the influence of digital practices on wellbeing. In addition she is interested in the HCI aspects of human computation exploring areas such as citizen science, serious games and teleworking.

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Marianne Talbot

Director of studies in philosophy at Oxford University's Department for Continuing Education bio from Twitter

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Martin Langham

User Perspective Ltd

Martin is a psychologist and engineer who specialises in the investigation and prevention of human error.

He founded the human factors group at the University of Sussex, which successfully transferred into the science park, 10 years ago, to become User Perspective ltd. Now the UK’s leading human factors group for transport and security.

User Perspective has completed almost 500 projects and investigations to date. Notable work has included: time in Paris for Lord Steven’s Operation Paget, where the team investigated driver error and eye witness reliability; the creation (for HM Government) of guides, training and assessment tools for security control rooms; for international organisations and friendly governments, the enhancement of security screening methods at airports.

The group works across many government departments and FTSE100 companies. Work encompasses rail, marine, road, and aviation markets

Martin maintains his knowledge by acting as a government auditor for research funding bodies, lecturing at several universities – including The Royal College of Art, and is ethics and technical advisor / reviewer to many organisations and scientific journals.

His other business interests now extend to work investigating medical device design, human error in emergency medicine, and retained instruments during elective surgery.

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Sjors Timmer

UX, IxD, IA designer