UX Brighton - June 2014: The Accessible Web

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10 June 2014 from 6:30pm to 9pm

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The UX Brighton event for June looks at an issue that we should all be considering when building websites and apps: accessibility.

Online accessibility/inclusive design is about making sure that everyone has equal access to information on websites regardless of their physical or developmental abilities or disabilities. With an aging population and a wide range of new devices to consider accessibility is an issue that is set to become increasingly important.

Mark Walker, Abilitynet
The business case for accessibility

While there are plenty of ethical reasons to take an ‘accessibility first’ design approach Mark will focus on the business reasons, which will help you to encourage even the most sceptical stakeholders of its value. With over 12 million disabled people in the UK alone, with a spending power of £120 billion, this is a large and lucrative market that cannot be ignored.

Henny Swan, BBC
Accessibility originates with UX

Henny will take a look at how BBC are turning accessibility - a bolt on developer and accessibility specialist silo - into fluid, integrated, inclusive design. With a goal of making products not just accessible but also fun and engaging for all users, she will spotlight how the needs of disabled users are not so different to that of all users in a world of multiple inputs, platforms and devices.

Joshua Marshall, Government Development Service
User testing with assistive technologies

Joshua will start of by talking about some of the assistive technologies used currently. His talk will cover how testing fits in with the Government Digital Service product cycle and will give practical tips on how to begin testing with assistive technologies, as well as some of the common problems that you may encounter. This talk will also help you in creating your own test strategy.

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  • Henny Swan @iheni Senior Accessibility Specialist - BBC

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