Web Platform Doc Sprint + MeatUp™ + VGQ™ Düsseldorf

Hack, eat hack and get hacke - together with beyond tellerrand. Help to document the Web Platform. Enjoy an all day special "MeatUp™" (BBQ w veggie options), and transition to the traditional @btconf warmup!

18 May 2014 from 9:30am to 11:59pm

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Join us for the Web Platform Doc Sprint + MeatUp™ + VGQ™

WebPlatform.org aims to hold the latest information on how to use the technology that runs the web — HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more. Unlike other documentation on the web, WebPlatform.org is under a creative commons licence, which means it is here for everybody, regardless of vendors, companies or brands.

WebPlatform.org by definition is work in progress. We could use your help in making it better!


Join us for the second german #WPDS a day before beyond tellerrand, out of Düsseldorfs cozy Garage Bilk. Actually we have planned some very nice things to be set up in the yard of the Garage, so expect a comfortable and sunny outdoor setting! There will be experts from the community as well as the Web Platform Stewards, that provide introductionary talks and ideas on what to work on. You can choose to write documentation, add some examples or best practices, fix typos or organize information better, or just hang out with us and leave an excellent impression of yourself. :)


We will provide comfy seating, power, WiFi, a plan what to work on and of course we will feed you over the day. Expect some delicious handmade Burgers prepared by Pascal Szewczyk (@derPepo). Some awesome sausages as well as vegetarian BBQ options and salads will also be available. To top off our lunch break, Aaron Gustafson will give a very special talk - you don’t want to miss that!


The first Web Platform Doc Sprint + MeatUp™ + VGQ™ aims to move documentation forward, feed you well and concludes with a raffle of some veeeeeery nice giveaways - and there is FREE BEER. Also, we are directly and smoothly transitioning into the traditional beyond tellerrand Warmup, right in the same location.

This is going to be a FUCKING HELL of a party!! :)

See you at the Doc Sprint,
your hosts

*Jay and Marc

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