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Theresa O'Connor

I love @kirinqueen, #babyeoc, #therustyshow, and you. 🏳️‍🌈👩🏻‍💻 at @apple on @webkit. she/her. #girlslikeus bio from Twitter

Siena Aguayo

Indiegogo software engineer (Rails, Angular, Android, iOS). Hackbright Academy alumna. 日本語。http://emojiparty.net

Juliana Chahoud

Mobile Specialist at ThoughtWorks

Tim Mitra

Artist, iOS dev, iOS trainer, maker, tinker, tech writer at http://raywenderlich.com & Host of MTJC Podcast. Feminist bio from Twitter

Bogo Giertler

engineer @dropbox. a purveyor of fine things.

Matthew Bischoff

I work on the @nytimes apps and build @quotebookapp with my friends at @lickability.

Roustem Karimov

Founder of AgileBits. Developer of 1Password.

Suyash Joshi

Mobile UX Developer, Educator and Meetup Leader

Tommy Rochette

Architect at @universalmind. Mountain bike enthusiast and mobile addict.

Carl Brown

Parent, iPhone Programmer, Gamer

Mark Aufflick

Founder of The High Technology Bureau http://htb.io, Co-founder of Swipe Conference http://swipeconference.com.au. If it hacks, I'm into it :)

José Carlos Joaquim

Portuguese iOS & Ruby engineer working in Paris. Loves cheese and stuff!

Taylan Pince

Python & iOS developer, in love with good design and beautiful code. Mighty leader of @hipolabs

Wayne Burkett

I love St. Louis. Maybe too much, but that's none of your business. Also: cyclist, ride-every-road enthusiast, computer programmer. bio from Twitter

David Mitroff, Ph.D.

CEO & Founder @ PiedmontAve.com; Business Consultant, Marketing Expert, Keynote Speaker, Super Connector, Restaurateur bio from LinkedIn

Atul Phadnis

Sr. Product Manager at Intel Corporation bio from LinkedIn

Michael Simmons

@Flexibits, @Algoriddim, and @1Password. @HockeyApp retiree. Producteer. Designerd. Japanerd. Nitpixeler. bio from Twitter

Vera Tkachenko

Software Developer @macpaw bio from Twitter

Blake Lucchesi

Professional iOS/web engineer who enjoys playing in unprofessional adult soccer leagues. bio from Twitter

Akhilesh Gupta

Staff Software Engineer Mobile at LinkedIn


Accessibility Consultant & iOS Developer

Florian Albrecht

Mac/iPad/iPhone guy, music and photography lover, work on BoinxTV, iStopMotion, PhotoPresenter, FotoMagico, …

Sam Deane

Tools & technology at Bohemian Coding. CEO and tea-boy at Elegant Chaos. Programmer of Swift/Obj-C/anything-else. Lapsed player of bass. Tai-er of Chi. bio from Twitter

Tom Maes

iOS dev •  obsessive • web 1.0 veteran • eighties throwback • couch potato

Paul Ardeleanu

iOS & Web developer

Frank Sedivy

Head of UX @ClearScore & maker of things digital and wooden. London (UK), Prague (CZ). bio from Twitter

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