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Charlotte Jackson

Front-end dev @Clearleft. @DMBrightonUni grad. Co-organiser of @CodebarBrighton. Sunset chaser. Lover of mountains, sea, travel, running, camper vans. bio from Twitter

Stuart Robson

/ Front-End Developer / Maker of @rwdcalc / Curator of @handcodedlinks / Pardon me whilst I get my shoephone

Joke de Winter

Freelance web designer: responsive websites and WordPress, usually both at the same time.

Nicola Jones

Senior Designer. Part of the @markboultondsg team now working with @monotype. Professional obsessor of things. Don't call. Don't make it weird. bio from Twitter

Adrian Trif

front-end developer

Blanca Tortajada

Co-founder of slackline.io. Film buff, book worm and enthusiastic traveler.

Christopher Downer

Designs @sketchapp.

Matthew Standage

UX Designer – Interested in making information accessible in digital environments – UI/UX/IA/Typography.

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Lu Yu

Graphic Design Employee, Occasional Illustrator and Photographer, Chinese Export, Full Time Traveller, All Time Happy @Semplicelabs bio from Twitter

Damien Senger

Blue-haired UX/UI designer and accessibility advocate

David Březina

Type designer, typographer, teacher, lecturer, writer, Czech, … designed Skolar. Chieftain at @rosettatype .

Rosetta type foundry

High-quality Latin and multi-script typefaces. Our fonts support Arabic, Armenian, Greek, Cyrillic, Latin, and more. (David tweeting) bio from Twitter

marc thiele

Designer, type lover & organizer of beyond tellerrand events. Hobby photographer. Loves playing, is always excited to learn new things.

Olga Voskoboinikova

UX, UI & Product Designer. Motion lover. Type maniac. bio from Twitter

Dan Govan

UX developer, photographer, geek. Hello!

Dave Redfern

Digital designer, frontend developer, wannabe photographer & squash fanatic. Dave minion fanboy. @karenuppal05, @staffsWebMeetup

Sean Johnson

Digital Designer & Graphic Artist focused on web, graphics & branding.

Nick Harris

…makes websites bio from Twitter

Rogier Barendregt

Aesthetician & User Experience Creator, Consulting Designer/Developer Hybrid

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Sarah Hyndman

London based graphic designer, currently tweeting mostly as @TypeTasting 'Typography for All!' bio from Twitter

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Matthew Young

Book cover designer for a certain sphenisciform publisher. bio from Twitter

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Nick Sherman

Typographer working at Font Bureau, skateboarder, musician, printer, pizza fan, monster wrestler; raised on Cape Cod, schooled in Boston, residing in NYC. bio from Twitter

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Marcin Wichary


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Indra Kupferschmid

Typographer, prof @HBKsaar, activist. bio from Twitter

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Bruno Maag
Giulia Alfonsi

Front-end dev in Brighton. Addicted to html, css, javascript, my macbookpro, rock, pizza, thai food, american tv shows. And the sea: that's why I moved here.

Matteo Balocco

Call me paranoid, but I feel I'm being followed by strangers.

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Jen Simmons

Web designer. Host and executive producer of The Web Ahead.

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