CakeFest 2015 attendee directory

Walther Lalk

Software engineer, CakePHP core developer, photographer, web designer, Scrum Master, Troop Scouter bio from Twitter


MySQL Community Manager

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Phil Sturgeon

Full-Stack Engineer at WeWork. Author of "Build APIs You Won't Hate." Programming Polyglot. Cider Connoisseur.

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Eli White

PHP Hacker, SCAdian, Gamer, Poker, Golfer, Father, Husband—Founding Partner & CTO of & Managing Editor of php[architect]. Prev: Digg, Zend, Hubble

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Wim Godden

Open source Architect, specialized in PHP, Scalability and crazy ideas nobody else thought of ;-)

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James Watts

Open Source Advocate and CakePHP Evangelist

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