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Mirko Dziadzka

Old School Unix Geek, currently interested in IT-Security, Software Development, Unix, Python, Distributed Computing

Mike Walters

Electronics, RF, reverse engineering bio from Twitter

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Mike Caprio

Chief Problem Solver at Empire Space Labs

Kerstin Puschke

geek. obviously not very good at writing bios, hopefully better at programming.

Simon Jockers

web development and interaction design, data journalism and civic tech, @correctiv_org and @cyclehackBER bio from Twitter

Raúl Salinas Monteagudo

Desarrollador de software en BMW Car IT GmbH bio from LinkedIn

David Dias

P2P SE at Protocol Labs http://ipn.io : #IPFS & @filecoin. P2P MSc. Made @lxjs & @startupscholars bio from Twitter

rené herlitz

      digitales4soziales ... ictd ... ultimate .... fahrrad ... berlin       English tweets @reneneee bio from Twitter


Part of the Brexodus. Knight-Mozilla fellow 2015. Wannabe MacGyver. Rebel. ~*creative technologist and coffee enthusiast*~ Works at @NordicApproach bio from Twitter

pale blue jen

Futurish. Travel, DIY, cats, life. #LeanInToWeird. Formerly design @meetup. palebluejen on twitter snapchatinstagram www IRL http://palebluejen.tumblr.com bio from Twitter

Bartłomiej Żogała

Penetration Testing Specialist at Royal Bank of Scotland bio from LinkedIn

Greg Karékinian

Unmutual and disharmonious

Joachim Lohkamp

Decentralzed Web http://www.GET-D.net - #SOCAP - connecting people - #IoT #GETDcent #Jolocom @agoracollective @Ouishare bio from Twitter

Ann Wuyts

Major nomophobic. Geek to some degree. Surprisingly systematic. Future post-immersionist. Plenty of own opinions. Helps design the future @sentiance

Nadhir Khayati

Ingénieur Informatique chez ESPRIT bio from LinkedIn

Michał Stefanów

MSc in Computer Science / web developer. I want to be able to say what I really think. #freedom mstefanow@gmail.com

Mirco Bauer

CTO @Gatecoin, .NET Foundation Advisor, @Debian Developer, @Smuxi Hacker, White Hat. Loves the Internet, Opensource, C#, Bitcoin, VR. PGP 0x7127E5ABEEF946C8 bio from Twitter

Friedrich Lindenberg

Data guy and leak librarian. Working on tools for investigative reporting @occrp. (GPG: DA77 EE6B 3BF0 62DA 3F92 8448 BE7A 1311 1FC1 EE01) bio from Twitter

Pepijn de Vos

Tweeting about code, the universe and everything. ♥ Clojure, Python, C ♥ bio from Twitter


Often only floating around, sometimes does things.


Hackerspaces, Freifunk and other forms of infrastructure


Computer Science bio from Twitter

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