CopenhagenJS - May 2015 attendee directory

Julian Of Doom

its cool

Olle Jonsson

Web developer. Many-headed interests.


Laszlo Fogas, devops consultant. I help software teams to move their Docker experiments to production. bio from Twitter

Troels List

IT-Supporter and Communication Specialist bio from LinkedIn

Tore Julø

Web developer. bio from Twitter

Kim Larsen

ASP.NETC#HTML5CSSjQueryKnockoutResponsiveWebDesignAJAX Developer bio from Twitter

Emil Bay

Full-stack Developer at Umwelt A/S

Andrew Taranov

Software Developer

Lars Balker

Software Development Consultant, Annoyed Progressive, Atheist+, Social Justice Ranger & Gamer, Music Lover, TV Show Aficionado. Will break into Danish and Perl. bio from Twitter

steffen agger

software developer and general good guy bio from Twitter

Lars Krieger Andersen

Frontend Engineer hos FALCON Social bio from LinkedIn

Younes Peters Touati

test description bio from Twitter

Jonas Kobberø

React, Flux, Node, Express. Stuff for the Web excites me! bio from LinkedIn

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Kevin Simper

CTO at Connected Cars, Docker Copenhagen meetup organizer, React enthusiasts bio from Twitter

Hasse Feldthaus

Frontend Developer @ The Royal Library, Denmark

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Bo Gotthardt
  • ES6, Thu 21st May 7:35pm to 7:35pm
Mohsen Asfia

Fronend Developer at Valtech Danmark bio from LinkedIn

Jeppe Toustrup

Operations falconeer at @FalconSocial. Media squad starter at @CPHTowers. Takes pictures and plays the bass in the spare time. bio from Twitter

This person is involved with this event.
Morgan Roderick

Frontend developer, @CoderDojoBerlin volunteer, (past) organiser of @copenhagenjs, /*jslint white*/

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Morten Schmidt
Kristian Støving Mørk Andersen

iOS Developer at Robocat bio from LinkedIn

Ju Gonçalves

writing javascript code for @podio. writing haskell code for fun. bio from Twitter

Søren Lund

Full Stack Developer. DevOps Engineer. Enjoys beer/cooking/reading/traveling/movies/tv-shows. Is-a Linux User/Perl Monger/Emacs Evangelist/Java EE Architect. bio from Twitter

This person is speaking at this event.
Peter Müller

CopenhagenJS organizer, Assetgraph contributor, Open Source enthusiast

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