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Martin Gausby

Polyglot Developer. Has done client-side web development in the past. Converting to Erlang/Elixir and french. Living in Copenhagen, wanna go to Paris. bio from Twitter

Ronald Jaramillo

Developer and tinkerer bio from Twitter

Christian Knudsen

Konsulent, Kraftvaerk bio from LinkedIn

Brian Frisch

Head of Frontend @ PentiaDK, a sucker for soccer and father of two bio from Twitter

Anders Nysom

Frontend Udviklingschef at Dwarf A/S bio from LinkedIn

Kristian Kaa

Web Developer at Obrigado bio from LinkedIn

Filip Šostarec

Software Developer at Shopbox bio from LinkedIn

Niels Søholm

Full Stack Developer at Danske Bank, Mobile Life bio from LinkedIn

Sune Wettersteen

Freelance/Consultant ■ Hands on ■ Agile Development, Product Development & Continuous Delivery ■ Cloud & SaaS Expertise bio from LinkedIn

Kim Løwert

Software Engineer, appstracter and founder @ appstract.me and appstract Consulting bio from LinkedIn

Motiejus Bagdonas

Lead Front-End Developer at Cabana A/S bio from LinkedIn


Indie developer Created RapidClick, Platagolf and TypeAthlon Always looking at new technology to program with Implemented LeapMotion to UDK interface! bio from Twitter

Eduardo Sorribas

Programmer. Ukulele player. Node.js coder. I like dinosaurs. http://github.com/sorribas bio from Twitter

John Høj Andreassen

Frontend Developer at Fitness World

Jeremy Tuloup

Computer science and game jam addict.

Marc Høegh

Fullstack Javascript Engineer at Citrix, Podio bio from LinkedIn

Elena Nazzi

Frontend Developer at Templafy bio from LinkedIn

Jonas Kelstrup

UI Designer at Zendesk bio from Twitter

Lukas Bacevičius

Front-end developer @cabana_dk bio from Twitter

Leo Ørsnes

Senior developer @cabana_dk, js-lover, coffee-consumer and possibility-surfer. bio from Twitter

Marc Eley

Ex-suit. Now createch @aarstiderne. bio from Twitter

Andreas Kjeldsen

Partner and creative developer at Your Local Studio bio from Twitter

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