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Thursday 15th October 2015

  • Welcome

    by Kevin Simper

    At 7:00pm to 7:10pm, Thursday 15th October

  • Expect the unexpected

    by Sune Sloth Simonsen

    A session about Unexpected (http://unexpected.js.org) and testing in general.

    Further details will be updated later.

    At 7:10pm to 7:40pm, Thursday 15th October

  • Browser Linking with ES Modules

    by Guy Bedford

    For ES2015 modules to be integrated into JavaScript implementations, a named module registry and loader are being specified. We'll frame some of the possibilities and technical challenges this brings for delivering code to the browser.

    At 7:50pm to 8:20pm, Thursday 15th October

  • MathJax and Custom Elements

    by Jan Marthedal Rasmussen

    MathJax is a JavaScript library that can typeset mathematics dynamically on a web page.
    Custom Elements is an emerging standard that makes it possible to define new DOM elements for use in a document.
    This talk introduces MathJax and Custom Elements and shows a way to implement a <math-tex> element, which combines the two.

    At 8:30pm to 9:00pm, Thursday 15th October

    Coverage link

  • Transpiling Recomposed

    by Peter Müller

    Modern web developers have become heavily dependent on abstractions like jade, sass or ES6. These are powerful tools, but to themselves require new abstractions, wrappers and runners. The rate at which new tools, workflows and even languages are appearing is staggering. Each iteration adds more complexity and less interoperability.

    So how do we expect newcomers to be able to enter our field when we can hardly keep up ourself?

    This will be an exploration of our tool chains with a focus on transpilers. The mission: To identify moving parts, recompose and simplify for the good of the current and future generation of developers.

    At 9:00pm to 9:00pm, Thursday 15th October

    In Cantina, One.com

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