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Saturday 11th April 2015

  • Geek Train to .NET Fringe

    by Adron Hall

    This year's conference, for our guests north of Portland will have the added benefit of taking the Geek Train to the conference. Not only will you have this great benefit, but it'll only cost $10 bucks! That's right fringe coders, $10 bucks for the ride down! So RSVP TODAY to join the Geek Train to .NET Fringe! Read on for the details!

    Train Departure
    Saturday, April 11th at 2pm, with an ETA into Portland at 5:50pm.

    1:40pm Arrive at train station in Seattle to join group for boarding. **
    2:00pm Departing Seattle King Street Station (i.e. you better be on the train)
    2:10pm We'll be seated and get setup for...
    2:15pm We'll break into teams of ~4 or so people (or however many of us there are we'll break out to a reasonable size groups).
    2:17pm I'll announce hacking goals and ideas for the teams and we'll launch into coding. More information will be announced soon, but suffice it to say we'll be planning a hack around geo and logistics based solutions! The solutions hacking begins!
    - - - much hacking and enjoying of the trip occurs here! :) - - -
    5:00pm We announce who's completed what and we'll demo and discuss the app awesomeness of what we've managed to come up with.
    5:50pm or before we arrive in Portland and the fringe fun shall begin.
    **If you're joining us along the route or coming in on the train from Vancouver BC let us know where your boarding station is. This way I can follow up with information regarding which car (It'll be the "Nerd Train to PDX" car, but I'll have the Amtrak car # also once we depart Seattle) we'll be located in and related information to the current status of our hacking.

    At 2:00pm to 5:50pm, Saturday 11th April

Sunday 12th April 2015

  • Akka.NET for Beginners

    by Aaron Stannard and Andrew Skotzko

    At 9:00am to 12:00pm, Sunday 12th April

    In Hackers Lounge, Bossanova Ballroom

  • OzCode Workshop

    by Ariel Ben Horesh and Omer Raviv

    RSVP HERE: https://ti.to/dotnetfringe/dotne...

    This workshop is all about dealing effectively with bugs in your C# code and becoming a true Debugging guru. Most developers spend around 50% of their time chasing down bugs, time that would be much better spent writing new features or improving the quality of existing code.

    We'll show you some OzCode magic tricks that can help you get to the root cause of a bug much quicker, and do a LOT of independent hands-on bug-fixing to internalize these techniques. In between the demos and independent learning, we'll share some behind-the-scenes info on how OzCode was built, the story of our recent re-write of OzCode's core engine to use the Roslyn libraries, and explain the unique way in which do automated testing using the open-source BDDfy library.

    At 9:00am to 12:00pm, Sunday 12th April

    In Mezzanine, Bossanova Ballroom

  • Group Hike

    by Troy Howard

    Enjoy the majestic beauty of Portland with this walk in the woods.

    The walk through Washington Park is a reminder of what’s so wonderful about Portland. What other city would have a forest path leading from a world-class zoo, past a Japanese garden, to a mansion with a mountain view?

    This first portion of the famous, 30.2-mile Wildwood Trail begins beside the Vietnam Veterans of Oregon Memorial. To get there, take the MAX light-rail train to the underground Washington Park station and ride the elevator up. If you’re driving, head west from Portland on Highway 26 toward Beaverton, take the zoo exit, and park at the far end of the zoo’s huge parking lot beside the MAX station, opposite the World Forestry Center. Expect to pay $4 to $6.40 for parking. Dogs must be on leash.

    We'll be following this route: http://www.oregonhiking.com/oreg...

    At 12:00pm to 2:00pm, Sunday 12th April

    In Washington City Park

  • Akka.NET for Advanced Users

    by Aaron Stannard and Andrew Skotzko

    At 1:00pm to 5:00pm, Sunday 12th April

    In Hackers Lounge, Bossanova Ballroom

  • Workshop: Elasticsearch and the ELK Stack for .NET Developers

    by Martijn Laarman and Greg Marzouka

    RSVP HERE: https://ti.to/dotnetfringe/dotne...

    In this workshop, attendees are going to rebuild NuGet search using a data dump from nuget.org.

    We will start with a quick explanation of what Elasticsearch is, but will move quickly to get everyone's hands on the keyboard as soon as possible. This workshop is going to be very hands-on!

    We'll start off iterating over several approaches to getting data into Elasticsearch from a console application. We'll show you what happens under the covers and explain best practices along the way.

    Next, we'll write our own facetted search interface on top of the data we've just indexed.
    Here attendees will learn about the Elasticsearch search API and its query DSL. We'll also write some aggregations and visualize them on our web application. After that, we'll show how you can create an awesome auto-complete search by leveraging Elasticsearch's completion suggester API.

    Using Serilog, we'll show how structured logging to Elasticsearch can surface very interesting facts about your data in Kibana.

    In the process attendees will gain familiarity with:

    • Elasticsearch
    • Nancy
    • Serilog
    • Gaining insights into your application usage using Kibana
    • Integrating search into your (web) application.

    We hope attendees will get a feel of how much their data is really worth by giving it the ELK treatment!

    At 1:00pm to 5:00pm, Sunday 12th April

    In Mezzanine, Bossanova Ballroom

  • Group Bike Ride (NE Portland)

    by Adron Hall

    Come enjoy this light 5-mile loop bike ride through the scenic NE Portland neighborhoods. Don't forget to rent or borrow a bike! Check out spinlister.com or one of the local bike shops for rentals.

    Also check out http://www.portlandbicycletours.... for more options on renting a bike. We are meeting at this location to start the ride also. The address is:

    117 NW 2nd Ave, Portland, OR 97209

    At 3:00pm to 5:00pm, Sunday 12th April

  • Conference Reception (Pre-Registration)

    Come get your badge, t-shirt, and mingle with the other attendees. There will be some live music, an open-bar and plenty of fun for all!

    Live music by Huck Notari starts at 8:30pm http://www.hucknotari.net

    At 7:00pm to 11:00pm, Sunday 12th April

    In Mezzanine, Bossanova Ballroom

  • Can a Woman Do Any Job Here?

    by Kathleen Dollard

    At 7:30pm to 8:30pm, Sunday 12th April

    In Hackers Lounge, Bossanova Ballroom

Monday 13th April 2015

  • Registration

    Arrive early to get your badge, swag, and have a cup of coffee and some pastries while mingling with other attendees.

    At 8:00am to 9:00am, Monday 13th April

    In Bossanova Ballroom

  • Welcome to .NET Fringe!

    by Troy Howard

    A quick intro to the conference by the organizers.

    At 9:00am to 9:15am, Monday 13th April

    In Main Stage, Bossanova Ballroom

  • How to Succeed in OSS Without Really Trying

    by Jimmy Bogard

    Let's not kid ourselves - OSS is fun to create but that's really just the beginning. In order to have a truly successful OSS project, it requires discipline, sometimes years so. I've been lucky enough to have a few successful projects, and a few not-so-successful ones. While my journey has been long, I've finally reached a point of serenity, losing the stress and worry by tweaking how I viewed OSS and how I defined success. It's this journey I'll share so you can too succeed at OSS.

    At 9:15am to 9:45am, Monday 13th April

    In Main Stage, Bossanova Ballroom

  • OWIN, an update

    by serialseb

    OWIN, a set of specifications to decouple servers and applications, can appear challenging to use. Does it work in practice? How do you get a team embracing the componentisation it provides? How do you understand what is going on, and what does the resulting software looks like?

    If you want to know what's new in the owin specifications and what code can look like when you embrace it and if you want to see Funcs in action, this is a session for you.

    At 10:00am to 10:30am, Monday 13th April

    In Mezzanine, Bossanova Ballroom

  • Space, time and state

    by Amy Palamountain

    Reactive this, reactive that. Building responsive and predictable GUI applications is what we strive for, and reactive programming is the new trendy way to achieve that. But, if you think about it, almost everything we program today can be given the description of reactive programming. We react to user input by changing our application state.

    The presence of state, and state that changes over time has important implications for our application architecture. It complicates things enormously. Writing reactive applications which are easy to reason about, is no simple task.

    This talk will reveal how reactive programming is only half the story of building responsive, testable and predictable applications. We will discover how applying a functional style to our code can allow us to clearly reason about, and react to user input over time.

    Using Reactive Extensions, we will explore what it means to mix traditionally imperative design patterns with functional reactive programming. We will discover that while the two ideas complement each other, managing state can prove to be an annoying wrinkle in your beautifully reactive code. Then we will take a look at some tricks you can use to remove the need for state without sacrificing clarity in your architecture.

    At 10:00am to 10:30am, Monday 13th April

    In Main Stage, Bossanova Ballroom

  • Prism the Next Generation

    by Ariel Ben Horesh and Brian Lagunas

    Prism was a long time patterns&practices guidance project.
    Recently P&P had transferred ownership to the community.
    What does it mean for the project? where is it headed? What about Prism for Windows Runtime?
    All those are great questions that we will try to answer in this session.
    If you have used Prism for WPF from day 1 or just now learning about it, it's likely Prism can benefit your project, with best practices implementation and guidance.

    At 10:40am to 11:10am, Monday 13th April

    In Main Stage, Bossanova Ballroom

  • The Most Important File Format

    by Jb Evain

    If there's a fringe practice with .NET, it's opening the hood of the .NET binaries, aka assemblies, and tinkering directly with the metadata and the IL bytecode.

    Interested in compilers? Profilers? IDEs? Virtual Machines? Developer tools in general? On .NET, all of those share a common form of data: assemblies. What better way is there to learn more about the platform than by manipulating its data? While it’s sometimes viewed as some form of black magic, it’s really no rocket science.

    This session will be the opportunity for .NET developers to learn how to analyze and manipulate the very data they consume and produce every day, and how to pick the right tool for the job.

    At 10:40am to 11:10am, Monday 13th April

    In Mezzanine, Bossanova Ballroom

  • Akka.NET: The Future of Distributed Programming in .NET

    by Aaron Stannard

    Distributed computing in .NET isn't something you often hear about, but it's becoming an increasingly important area for growing .NET businesses around the globe. And frankly it's an area where .NET has lagged behind other runtimes and platforms for years - but this is changing!

    In this talk we're going to introduce .NET developers to the Actor model via the Akka.NET framework - and show them how they can leverage its application programming model to build distributed, fault-tolerant applications that run just as well in a single process as they do in a 1,000 node cluster.

    At 11:15am to 11:45am, Monday 13th April

    In Main Stage, Bossanova Ballroom

  • Building C# Powered Robots Controlled by C# Mobile Apps

    by James Montemagno

    Have you ever wanted to build a robot? How about powering it and controlling it completely with C# and .NET? With Monkey.Robotics it is now completely possible. Come learn how Monkey.Robotics simplifies the tasks of building complex .NET Microframework power robots and how you can communicate with them from iOS and Android apps powered by Xamarin. We will take a look at the process of building a robot from start to finish. Then we will implement the microcontroller stack to communicate with sensors and other hardware on a Netduino. Then we will build out a full iOS and Android app in C# to control it!

    At 11:15am to 11:45am, Monday 13th April

    In Mezzanine, Bossanova Ballroom

  • Functional GUI Apps

    by Frank A. Krueger

    How do you write a GUI app in a functional programming language that prefers immutability? From Visual Basic on we have been taught how to compose interactive UIs using events and mutable properties. Is there any other way? The answer is, yes, indeed there is. Not only can you build UIs using functional concepts, but I will argue that the architecture of such an app is more modular and more robust than the standard architecture resulting from objects sending messages to each other. This talk is an introduction to the fringe world of functional programming using F# and will have information useful to both beginners and practitioners.

    At 11:50am to 12:20pm, Monday 13th April

    In Main Stage, Bossanova Ballroom

  • Spice Up Your Apps - Tips on Building Great User Experience

    by Noah Addy

    From color combinations, layouts, animations and interactions, a lot of work going into delivering the ultimate User Experience for Mobile and Web products.

    In this session, I plan to share demos, tools and resources on how Developers and Designers can create very beautiful, delightful and interactive applications for end users.

    At 11:50am to 12:20pm, Monday 13th April

    In Mezzanine, Bossanova Ballroom

  • Lunch

    Break for lunch. We'll have foodcarts just outside on the streetfront providing free lunch for attendees.

    At 12:20pm to 1:20pm, Monday 13th April

    In Bossanova Ballroom

  • Lightning Talk - Brighter Command

    by Ian Cooper and Toby Henderson

    At 1:20pm to 1:25pm, Monday 13th April

    In Main Stage, Bossanova Ballroom

  • Lightning Talk - Code comments

    by Christos Matskas

    At 1:25pm to 1:30pm, Monday 13th April

    In Main Stage, Bossanova Ballroom

  • Lightning Talk - Bridge.net

    by Geoffrey McGill

    At 1:30pm to 1:35pm, Monday 13th April

    In Main Stage, Bossanova Ballroom

  • Lightning Talk - Microservices: Built to Last?

    by Joe Davis

    At 1:35pm to 1:40pm, Monday 13th April

    In Main Stage, Bossanova Ballroom

  • Lightning Talk - RxApp

    by Dave Bordoley

    At 1:40pm to 1:45pm, Monday 13th April

    In Main Stage, Bossanova Ballroom

  • Lightning Talk - Couchbase Lite

    by Zack Gramana

    At 1:45pm to 1:50pm, Monday 13th April

    In Main Stage, Bossanova Ballroom

  • Open Source Hacking the CoreCLR

    by Geoff Norton

    Microsoft has recently open sourced the CoreCLR, moving a bunch of awesome code out into the open. This talk will focus on the impact and experience of this from the open source side. Microsoft is still leaning how to open such a large codebase, and support the community. As the contributor of the OSX port of CoreCLR, I've been at the forefront of this experience, and will share the lessons I've learned along the way about the technology, the community and interacting with upstream.

    At 2:05pm to 2:35pm, Monday 13th April

    In Mezzanine, Bossanova Ballroom

  • Stewardship of the Open-Source Riak .NET Client

    by Luke Bakken

    In May of 2014, Jeremiah Peschka and OJ Reeves announced their intent to pass stewardship of Corrugated Iron to new owners. Alex Moore and Luke Bakken of Basho Technologies immediately expressed interest in making the client code an official Basho product. Since the first of the year, they have worked full-time on ensuring that the code meets the needs of .NET developers using Riak. During this process, they gained valuable knowledge into the process of transferring stewardship and would like to present lessons learned on the following topics:

    • Copyright, licensing and attribution
    • Management of GitHub repositories
    • Transferring ownership
    • BFG large object pruning
    • Management of websites (corrugatediron.org) and other online resources
    • Continuous Integration - what we use and why[a][b]
    • NuGet
    • Source code changes
    • “clone it and build it”
    • Automate everything
    • StyleCop / FxCop
    • Backwards compatibility vs. supporting new .NET and Riak features
    • Documentation
    • Dedicated site vs GitHub wiki
    • Style and language changes

    At 2:05pm to 2:35pm, Monday 13th April

    In Main Stage, Bossanova Ballroom

    Coverage link

  • Nancy, the super duper happy OSS .NET project

    by Adam Ralph

    Founded in 2010, Nancy has grown to become one of the most popular community driven .NET web frameworks. It offers a unified, lightweight, modular API with an elegant syntax inspired by Sinatra from Ruby. The Nancy community is one of the most active in .NET open source consisting of 8 core team members and over 200 contributors! With over 2,500 stargazers, Nancy is one of the top .NET projects on GitHub. Earlier this year a tremendous milestone was reached with the long awaited release of Nancy 1.0.

    In this talk I'll discuss the origins of the project and the journey it took during its evolution to 1.0. I'll showcase some examples which demonstrate why the framework is so compelling and share some insights on future vision for the project, including current plans for 2.0.

    At 2:50pm to 3:20pm, Monday 13th April

    In Main Stage, Bossanova Ballroom

    Coverage link link

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