Relax and let the HTTP Machine do the Work

A session at .NET Fringe Conference

Tuesday 14th April, 2015

11:50am to 12:20pm (PST)

How many times have you re-implemented the same patterns for handling GETs, PUTs, POSTs, and DELETEs (if any)? Do you include headers specified by the HTTP RFCs or ignore them entirely? HTTP is a complicated beast. Wouldn't it be nice if you could leverage an engine to drive these mundane details for you? You can, and you've been able to do this for quite some time in languages like Erlang, Ruby, Clojure, node.js, and more. Freya recently brought the web machine approach to .NET, and it offers a few new bells and whistles, including pluggable machine graphs and mixins. This talk will highlight some of the challenges in building web apps and show how the machine approach can help you focus more on building your applications and less on getting the HTTP parts right.

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Ryan Riley

Husband, father, #fsharp MVP, Engineer @TachyusCorp out of Houston, TX, and #OWIN Instigator. bio from Twitter

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23 attendees

  • Adron Hall
  • alistair beck
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  • Dave Evans
  • Rob Reynolds
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  • Loren Paulsen
  • Nicholas Carey
  • Joshua Shannon
  • Ryan Riley
  • Ron Scott
  • Sean Killeen
  • Terry Tice
  • Sergei Vorobev

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Time 11:50am12:20pm PST

Date Tue 14th April 2015


Mezzanine, Bossanova Ballroom

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