Thomas Leonard, OCaml on the web & CueKeeper, Functional Javascript September 2015

28 September 2015

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At FunctionalJS we practise (bring a laptop) and hear about functional programming with JavaScript.

At each meetup we run a dojo. No experience with FP needed, we're all here to learn! Bring a laptop.

This time we're taking a look at OCaml on the web via CueKeeper, a GTD-based action tracker written in OCaml and compiled to Javascript using js_of_ocaml.

It uses Irmin to store its data structures in a Git-like repository backed by IndexedDB in your browser, providing history, undo and the ability to keep tabs in sync automatically, without a server.

Other notable OCaml libraries used include React (Functional Reactive Programming) and TyXML (which encodes HTML's validity rules in OCaml types, statically ensuring the templates generate valid HTML).

Using the Mirage library operating system, OCaml code can also be compiled as a Unix server process or even as a standalone "unikernel" - a self-contained legacy-free operating system written in OCaml - providing the ability to sync CueKeeper instances between devices.

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