Reactive Conference 2015

Join the international ReactJS pros in Bratislava, Slovakia

2 4 November 2015

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Reactive Conference is one of the first events in the world dedicated to ReactJS, an open-source JavaScript library developed jointly by Facebook, Instagram and others to simplify building user interfaces.

We're bringing world class React hackers - creators of the most popular open source libraries and world-class JS experts - to Bratislava, Slovakia to let them share their insights.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity if you're:
- building hot-reloading React Native apps with Redux
- looking into pure Flux with DataScript and swarm.js
- integrating React, Flux, Immutable.js and Firebase
- interested in what React can learn from Ember, Clojure, Elm, Angular or CycleJS

23 speakers

  • André Staltz @andrestaltz Andre is a user interface engineer at Futurice, with extensive knowledge in reactive programming.
  • Julia Gao @ryoia Front-end developer from Utah, using ReactJS and ImmutableJS . Loves functional programming, currently learning Racket and Haskell .
  • Nikita Prokopov @nikitonsky For the past ten years Nikita Prokopov has been building web interfaces, backends and distributed systems in Clojure, Erlang, Python, Java.
  • Victor Grishchenko @gritzko Researching deep hypertext, distributed systems and the general information metabolism of the society. Founder @swarm_js.
  • Rajiv Tirumalareddy @RajivOnTheRocks Rajiv is software engineer at Yahoo working on node.js and Fluxible (Universal Flux and React) frontends that power high-traffic web applications.
  • Mike Grabowski @grabbou Mike is a Full-Stack Developer at Man+Moon bringing real-time experience to thousands of people with a help of Javascript.
  • Mark Dalgleish @markdalgleish Mark Dalgleish is the co-creator of CSS Modules, lead organiser of MelbJS and progressive enhancement enthusiast.
  • Sean Grove @sgrove Sean's built time-travelling debuggers, interface builders, layout tools, and graphic design tools in his quest to explore the space.
  • Marcela Hrda Quantum Physicist turned React developer. Studied at Caltech. One of the founders of VacuumLabs
  • Christian Alfoni @christianalfoni Christian Alfoni likes to share ideas and build tools to make web development more fun than painful.
  • Francois de Campredon @Fdecampredon Full-stack developer and co-founder of Fadio IT, JavaScript lover, creator of rx-react.
  • Guillermo Rauch @rauchg Guillermo Rauch is the former CTO and co-founder of LearnBoost and Cloudup, acquired by WordPress.com in 2013.
  • Michel Weststrate @mweststrate Michel is a full-stack lead developer at Mendix. A company that drives digital innovation in large enterprises.
  • Daniel Steigerwald @steida Creator of Este, dev stack and starter kit for React/Flux universal web applications. Angel developer, Google Developer Expert, libertarian.
  • Richard Feldman @rtfeldman Richard is the creator of seamless-immutable and Dreamwriter, and coauthor of Developing a React Edge.
  • Joshua Sierles @jsierles Joshua is React Native Playground and Rails/DevOps guy.
  • Paul Taylor @trxcllnt Paul is a consultant in San Francisco, CA, and former lead engineer on FalcorJS on Netflix’sUI Platform team.
  • Tomas Kulich Tomas is a former university assistant professor at the Faculty of Informatics, Comenius University, Bratislava. He is the founder and CTO of VacuumLabs.
  • Andreas Savvides Twitter @andrs Andreas is a full-stack, product-driven Software Engineer who enjoys building interactive single page applications with rich data visualisations.
  • Brent Vatne @notbrent Lives in Vancouver and works primarily with Exponent and Iodine on React Native projects.
  • James Long @jlongster Works for Mozilla on the Firefox Developer Tools, mostly trying to make debugging JavaScript better.
  • Martin Konicek @martinkonicek Works on React Native, specifically the Android part, at Facebook London.
  • Colin Megill @colinmegill Founder of Seattle based startup pol.is, Senior Front End Developer at Formidable Labs.

Workshop day Day 1 from 9am to 6pm Monday 2nd November 2015

Conference day Day 2 from 9am to 6pm Tuesday 3rd November 2015

Conference day Day 3 from 9am to 6pm Wednesday 4th November 2015

hotel Saffron

Slovakia Slovakia / Bratislava

Radlinského 27, Bratislava, 811 07

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25 known attendees

  • Tomas Novotny
  • Nik Graf
  • Stefan Pettersson
  • André Staltz
  • ReactiveConf
  • Julia Gao
  • Nikita Prokopov
  • Victor Grishchenko
  • Rajiv Tirumalareddy
  • Mike Grabowski
  • Mark Dalgleish
  • Sean Grove
  • Christian Alfoni
  • F. de Campredon
  • Guillermo Rauch
  • Michel Weststrate
  • Daniel Steigerwald
  • Richard Feldman
  • Joshua Sierles
  • Paul Taylor
  • Andreas Savvides
  • brent
  • James “Jimmy” Long
  • Martin Konicek
  • Colin Megill

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  • Ilya Palkin
  • Tobias Adam
  • Michael Bylstra
  • Brent Hargrave
  • Adrian C
  • fifigyuri
  • Kevin Maes
  • Phil Leggetter
  • Ondrej Sika

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