Kernel Recipes 2015

30 September 2 October 2015

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13 speakers

  • Willy Tarreau Kernel maintainer
  • Greg K-H @gregkh
  • Jens Axboe Linux kernel block layer maintainer
  • Anne Nicolas Linaro developper
  • Kevin Hilman Linaro enginner
  • Mike Turquette @mturquette
  • Eric Leblond @Regiteric
  • Hans Verkuil video4linux co-maintainer
  • Jan Kara maintainer of ext3 file system, udf file system, and quota subsystem
  • Stefan Hajnoczi Maintainer of QEMU’s block layer, network subsystem, and tracing subsystem
  • Bruno Cornec
  • William Dauchy Virtualization and hosting in Gandi
  • Yves-Alexis Perez Debian developer and member of the security team

5 known attendees

  • Greg K-H
  • Anne Nicolas
  • Mike Turquette
  • Eric Leblond
  • Bruno Cornec

2 people tracking this event

  • Slavian Gouka
  • Jonathan Clarke

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