Leetspeak 2015

It's Alive

10 October 2015

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6 speakers

  • Balázs Suhajda @IoTnerd Balázs is an interface developer consultant at tretton37 by day and an LED lover and a button pusher by night.
  • Clemens Vasters @clemensv Clemens Vasters focuses on the Internet of Things, Smart Products, and digitally-enhanced infrastructures in our daily lives.
  • David Fowler @davidfowl David is a passionate software engineer that loves learning new things and writing lots of code.
  • Karoline Klever @karolikl Working as a .NET developer & consultant, Karoline has developed a passion for continuously challenging herself and sharing her knowledge about web development.
  • Scott Wlaschin @ScottWlaschin Scott has over 20 years experience in software development, design and architecture, covering all aspects of business software.
  • Anders Søborg @MindstormsDK

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6 sessions

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  • Martin Mazur
  • Balázs Suhajda
  • Clemens Vasters
  • David Fowler
  • Karoline Klever
  • S.W.
  • Anders Søborg

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