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20 22 August 2015

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Madison+ Ruby is a conference designed for people who are either Ruby-curious or already practitioners. The program carries it’s fair share of technical content but also has been notably welcoming to non-technical and beginning developers. The yoga breaks, local flavor sessions, as well as occasional musicians, circus performers and the like means there is something for everyone. If you’re a lifetime learner you’ll find yourself at home at Madison+ Ruby.

The conference is part of Madison's Forward Fest. So along with the two day conference, there will be free and low cost workshops surrounding the event and other activities offered throughout the community. Check out last years line-up http://forwardfest.org/

27 speakers

  • Jim Remsik @jremsikjr Man with a plan
  • Anika Lindtner @langziehohr runs @travis_fnd // co-founder of @railsgirls_bln // writes at @kleiner_3// in love with urban garding, the ocean and fat cats.
  • Nell Shamrell @nellshamrell Theatre kid turned Developer specializing in Ruby, Rails, TDD, Regular Expressions, conference speaking, and more! Married to the wonderful @penguin_tonk
  • Kassandra Perch @nodebotanist Educator/dev/roboticist @bocoup. Instructor @GDIatx. Organizer @austinnodebots, @nodebotslive. JS/NodeBot addict. Gamer. Crafter. Baseball fan. Nerd. Feminist.
  • Sharon Steed @sharonsteed Biz dev/marketing @speechirl. Former content marketer. Current speaker and corporate trainer. Past, present and future stutterer. Love tech and startups.
  • Luann Tribus Head Coach of the Little Dribblers
  • Noel Rappin @noelrap A developer at Table XI. He is the author of Rails 4 Test Prescriptions, Trust-Driven Development, and Master Space and Time With JavaScript.
  • rtdp @rtdp Programming. Travelling. Hiking. Photography. Reading. Thinking. A digital nomad. Works at BigBinary.
  • Craig Buchek @CraigBuchek Ruby on Rails developer, GNU/Linux geek, Agile practitioner. (Note that I use favorites to mark what I want to read later.)
  • Coraline Ada Ehmke @CoralineAda Intersectional technologist. Transgender feminist. Code witch. Speaker and mentor. Ruby Rogues panelist.
  • Stephanie Morillo @radiomorillo Coraline Ada Ehmke is a speaker, author, teacher, open source advocate and technologist with 20 years of experience in developing apps for the web. As a foundin
  • Julian Cheal @juliancheal Quaffer of fine coffee and ales. Aficionado of tweed. Brewer of beer. Crafter of codes. Drone charmer.
  • Dusty Burwell @dustyburwell Performance engineer for @grouponeng. Just keep shipping. Just keep shipping, shipping, shipping. What do we do? We ship!
  • pamela marie @pwnela Ruby writer for @bluebottleroast; cofounder/big fan of @railsgirlsatl; infrequent conference speaker; gif consultant (GaaS); dog mom (#ahabconf); pilot's wife
  • Paolo Perrotta @nusco Software loudmouth, team coach, author of the Metaprogramming Ruby book (http://pragprog.com/book/ppmetr ).
  • Raymond T. Hightower @RayHightower WisdomGroup founder & dev. Organizer of @ChicagoRuby, @WindyCityRails, & @RubyCaribe.
  • Starr Horne @StarrHorne Honeybadger.io co-founder. I love to build awesome web apps. At the moment I do this with Ruby, Rails & Javascript.
  • Ashley Williams @ag_dubs a mess like this is easily five to ten years ahead of its time. i work as an engineer at the @mozilla foundation.
  • Simon van Dyk @siefi Husband, Developer, Christ Follower
  • Terence Lee @hone02 blue hat, heroku's ruby task force, ruby order padawan, bundler, railsgirls, fridayhug superhero, @keeprubyweird, freedom (bbq sauce) evangelist, hopkins alumni
  • Rob Harr @robertHarr I spend my days at @hearsparkbox. I like to build things.
  • Melanie White Melanie White is a web designer and developer at George Mason University.
  • Renée Hendricksen @gigglegirl4e President and Chief Adventure Officer @NIRDLLC, Ruby Enthusiast, Hiker, Skier, Climber, Dog Lover, and long time proponent of the rubber duck method.
  • Sean Marcia @seanmarcia Rubyist, Coffee Roaster, Zymurgist, Food Lover, Screenplay-Writer, Arlington Ruby Co-founder, and aspiring to make the world a better place.

4 sessions

Day 1 Thursday 20th August 2015

Day 2 Friday 21st August 2015

Day 3 Saturday 22nd August 2015

36 known attendees

  • Alex Koppel
  • Mark Yoon
  • Chris Wilson
  • Blithe Rocher
  • John McCaffrey
  • Andrew Hooker
  • あさり
  • Andrew Petro
  • Strand McCutchen
  • Vannessa Rodello
  • Jim Remsik
  • Anika Lindtner
  • JenRemsik
  • Nell Shamrell
  • Mx. Kassandra Perch
  • Sharon Steed
  • Noel Rappin
  • rtdp
  • Craig Buchek
  • Coraline Ada Ehmke
  • Stephanie Morillo
  • Julian Cheal
  • Dusty Burwell
  • pamela marie
  • Paolo Perrotta
  • Ray Hightower
  • Starr Horne
  • ashley williams
  • Simon van Dyk
  • Terence Lee
  • Rob Harr
  • Renée Hendricksen
  • Sean Marcia
  • Ben Heckendorn
  • yogabeast
  • Jillana Peterson

20 people tracking this event

  • Camille
  • Sarah Duve
  • Matt Hucke
  • Alex Skryl
  • Alex Coles
  • Brandon Keepers
  • Adrian Mugnolo
  • Michael Stahnke
  • Jim Gay
  • H. Ebisawa
  • Laura Porter
  • compiled wrong
  • John Bohn
  • Trevor Bramble
  • Jessica Rose
  • devpuppy
  • Tim Krajcar
  • Craig Kerstiens
  • Justin Campbell
  • Alex Miller

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