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Hadi Michael

Digital Adviser and Software Engineer. Occasional hardware hacker.

Li Juen Chang

User Interface Engineer at Aconex bio from LinkedIn

Marc Harrison

Business adviser/director, internet addict, gamer, kitesurfer and very proud Dad. Building a startup team via http://imbuildingastartup.com


TECH / DESIGN / MUSIC bio from Twitter

Ro Hit

Development Manager @ Panviva and Head Tutor @ RMIT University bio from Twitter

Tom McKenzie

i make cool shit on the internet. bio from Twitter


Mad Scientist, Crazy Engineer. Happen to be spending my time writing iOS apps and riding bikes. bio from Twitter

Brad Denver

While my functions may be be pure, my life is full of side effects. Photo: Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel, https://www.flickr.com/photos/jingleslenobel/4915172257 bio from Twitter

Finn Robertson

Music Composer for games, films and TV. Also HTML5, CSS3 and Wordpress expert. bio from Twitter

Rian McGuire

Geekery, politicary and skepticness. Software Engineer at @StileEducation. bio from Twitter

Ben Flanagan

I do stuff to the Internet. Front-end development, and other things too.

Amila Pathirana

.Net Developer at Racing Information Services Australia bio from LinkedIn

Adam Beck

JavaScript Developer @ Zendesk. Gamer. Nerd. Fitness. Straight Edge (Still). bio from Twitter

John Cheng Chen Suen

Software Developer bio from LinkedIn

Jesse McNelis

A student of computer science bio from Twitter

Davide L Rizzo

Web Front-end - UX - Sceptic - Environmentalist - Father to a norse good and savoir of the robot apocalypse bio from Twitter

Josh Johnston

Gracefully enhanced CTO of X-Team; I am obsessed with life and goodness. bio from Twitter

Simon Raik-Allen

My loves are software, robots [•͟•], coffee, volleyball, JavaScript, & family. CTO at MYOB. bio from Twitter

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