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Hadi Michael

Digital Adviser and Software Engineer. Occasional hardware hacker.

Li Juen Chang

User Interface Engineer at Aconex bio from LinkedIn

Marc Harrison

Business adviser/director, internet addict, gamer, kitesurfer and very proud Dad. Building a startup team via


TECH / DESIGN / MUSIC bio from Twitter

Ro Hit

Development Manager @ Panviva and Head Tutor @ RMIT University bio from Twitter

Tom McKenzie

i make cool shit on the internet. bio from Twitter


These are a few of my favourite things. I also make @boxkiteapp bio from Twitter

Brad Denver

While my functions may be be pure, my life is full of side effects. Photo: Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel, bio from Twitter

Finn Robertson

Music Composer for games, films and TV. Also HTML5, CSS3 and Wordpress expert. bio from Twitter

Rian McGuire

Geekery, politicary and skepticness. Software Engineer at @StileEducation. bio from Twitter

Ben Flanagan

I do stuff to the Internet. Front-end development, and other things too.

Amila Pathirana

.Net Developer at Racing Information Services Australia bio from LinkedIn

Adam Beck

JavaScript Developer @ Zendesk. Gamer. Nerd. Fitness. Straight Edge (Still). bio from Twitter

John Cheng Chen Suen

Software Developer bio from LinkedIn

Jesse McNelis

A student of computer science bio from Twitter

Davide L Rizzo

Web Front-end - UX - Sceptic - Environmentalist - Father to a norse good and savoir of the robot apocalypse bio from Twitter

Josh Johnston

Gracefully enhanced CTO of X-Team; I am obsessed with life and goodness. bio from Twitter

Simon Raik-Allen

My loves are software, robots [•͟•], coffee, volleyball, JavaScript, & family. CTO at MYOB. bio from Twitter

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