MLOC.JS JavaScript Conference 2015

International conference for large scale JavaScript developement

18 19 June 2015

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MLOC.JS 2015 will be on a summer date!
It’s happening, JavaScript is one of the most popular languages and it’s conquering the server side and the internet of things as well. JavaScript is just eighteen years old, and the future is bright. But how this future looks like? How can we improve JavaScript to make it better, focusing on large scale projects with millions lines of code?

June 18-19th we are going to have speaker sessions.
June 19th will also include the workshops.

With projects like asm.js and Emscripten, Mozilla is beginning to see JavaScript as a virtual machine and compiler target. Will it change how we think about and how we use JavaScript? How compiling C++ code to really fast JavaScript code will transform the web? At mloc.js we are bringing together representatives of major browser vendors, industrial users with large web projects, and authors of compile-to-JS projects with the goal of moving the web forward. Together we will discuss what will be possible with the web platform in the next 10 years.

mloc.js 2015 is a conference for people interested in the future of the language and the platform, the possibilites of JavaScript on the web and on the server side. For people doing or planning to do big JavaScript projects. And for people would like to see how is it possible to improve JavaScript by making it smarter, faster and sexy.

Watch our last year presentations on InfoQ or at USTREAM Channel

If you have question contact us: contact@mloc-js.com

11 speakers

Prezi HQ

Hungary Hungary / Budapest

Nagymező utca 54-56., 1065

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18 known attendees

  • Robert Nyitrai
  • Jose Roca
  • Polgár Andor
  • Régis Hanol
  • Emre Baytok
  • Peter Marton
  • Laszlo Pandy
  • Medea Baccifava
  • Michael Ficarra
  • Guillaume C. Marty
  • Gergely Hodicska
  • Attila Balogi
  • Attila Szegedi
  • Richard Feldman
  • Jan Vitek
  • Christian Wirth
  • André Staltz
  • Jouni Kaplas

11 people tracking this event

  • Gábor Vészi
  • Shoaib Burq
  • t.m.k
  • Raymond Julin
  • István Szmozsánszky (Flaki)
  • Brian Mann
  • Luigi Berrettini
  • Michał Budzyński
  • Michael Klobutschar
  • Long Lazuli
  • Arky

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