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Marcus Barczak

Senior Engineer @signalsciences. Previously ops'd and dev'd at @etsy and @opsmatic - ex-pat Aussie. Live and Studio Sound Abuser / Music Maker / Photo Taker bio from Twitter


@salesforce IoT. Previously @datadoghq. Hacks with Golang, loves scuba. Tweets are my own. bio from Twitter

Sara Ali

Business Development Manager at Microsoft bio from LinkedIn

Rob Hudson

Webdev at Mozilla. Codes at https://github.com/robhudson. Beer geek & tea sipper & aquarium reef keeper. bio from Twitter

Dan Turchin

Vice President of Product @ BigPanda. Disrupter. Entrepreneur. Enterprise mobile, IT Operations, data science. bio from LinkedIn

Ray Carter

IT professional, entrepreneur, real estate investor, music enthusiast, world traveler, family man, captivated by Cleveland! bio from Twitter

Chris Chandler

Network Operations Center Director (Bare Metal Cloud DNS) at Oracle bio from LinkedIn

Pete Cheslock

Ceci n'est pas un @petechesbot. I computer at @threatstack. I also do @BosOps & @ShipShowPodcast. PGP: http://omg.pete.wtf/1bqAY bio from Twitter

Brant Strand

Data Engineering Lead at @HamptonCreek, bike rider, chewer of nice food, opinion haver. Welcome to my catalogue of petty derelictions and frustrated yearnings. bio from Twitter

Hoodie goth

vi, unix, puppet, booze, #hugops thought leader bio from Twitter


Operations Architect focusing on Metrics 2.0, Visibility, and System Monitoring bio from Twitter

Justin Kolberg

Engineer @heavywaterops. #sensuapp #uchiwaio #devops #ruby #chef bio from Twitter

Eric Entzel

Slowly but surly. Programmer at @fullcontactapi, views are my own. bio from Twitter

Michael Leinartas

Tinkerer; I like to take things apart. bio from Twitter

C J Silverio

Ceej aka ceejbot. THE NPM SIEGE BOT. Innovative thought admiral-ship in cat-related tweeting. bio from Twitter

Floris Bruynooghe

Python developer and mountaineer bio from Twitter

David Gibbons

Devops Dabbler, Cocktail Enthusiast, Occasional Boulder-er bio from Twitter

Chip Holden

software architect, rangers fan, zenoss employee bio from Twitter

Andrew Rodgers

I'm Andrew Rodgers, technologist-at-large. I heart @oustcat. I am passionate about diversity, open data, and Chattanooga bio from Twitter

Simon Plourde

System administrator at La Presse. Author of Uchiwa. bio from Twitter


Sir you are a dumbass, now get the fuck out of my Honda Accord bio from Twitter

Sandy Walsh™

Was cloud, now space. Maker. All 'round geek. bio from Twitter

Michael Lanyon

VP of Engineering at Critical Mass

Ryan Park

Principal Infrastructure Engineer

Jerry Cattell

data infrastructure/devops @pulseenergy (formerly @orbitz, i-drive, @fedex). data geek, ebook addict.

Kernel Sanders

Principal containador @Salesforce/@Heroku. 🇦🇺 in 🇺🇸 via 🇪🇺. whilst we may look alike, I am not @davecheney bio from Twitter

Brad Fritz

Indiana Java/web/OSS geek and software developer bio from Twitter

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Pierre-Yves Ritschard

slacker, (functional) developer, system and network architect. #clojure #cassandra #ruby #openbsd #bigdata... bio from Twitter

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