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Saturday 2nd May 2015

  • 7 ways HubSpot is killing IT with Product Management

    by Michael Petronaci

    How to use skills honed in Product Management to build employee-facing systems people will love, to manage internal customers & stakeholders, and to flex your intrapreneurial muscle.

    About Mike Petronaci

    PM - Internal Systems @ HubSpot

    At 9:30am to 10:20am, Saturday 2nd May

    In Attucks (1st floor), Microsoft NERD Center

  • MVP: What it is, What it isn't, and How do you make it not suck!

    by Ying Chen

    We've all heard of the acronym: the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) - but what does it really mean? Does it really exist? How do you build one? And... does it have to suck?

    Come join the conversation and hear about the different ways people are making it work as well as share your battle stories and best practices with your fellow product managers!

    About Ying Chen & Andrea Hunter

    Ying has helped organizations large and small build products and business models for over 15 years. Most recently, she enabled the successful exits of two VC backed startups. Because of this she feels a strong connection to the topic of MVPs and ongoing challenges product managers face in balancing resources and achieving focus. Ying is currently the VP of Product Management at Redline Trading Solutions.

    Andrea is a Product Manager at MojoTech an agency focused on helping businesses grow by delivering high quality software. As part of the MojoTech team she has the opportunity to work with a range of companies from two person startup teams to billion dollar enterprises as they focus on bringing innovative new products and features to market. Andrea’s primary focus is in consulting on product management practices to help incorporate lean concepts into clients software development practices starting with building MVPs.

    At 9:30am to 10:20am, Saturday 2nd May

    In Toronto (1st floor), Microsoft NERD Center

  • SaaS, B2B and Product Management: Unique Challenges and Experiences

    by Goran Begic

    Product management in a SaaS environment is very different from product management in more traditional business models. Some of the challenges are obvious - an application developed for many is deployed once and then integrated in many different business processes. The implications on priorities, skills, expectations and time management are profound and can be a difference between succeeding, or failing as a product manager.

    This session will discuss the topic of SaaS in B2B. It will highlight some of the unique challenges and pitfalls and provide examples, personal experiences and results of these efforts. Some examples are success stories, others are puzzles that need to be discussed.

    If you do not have experience of working in a fast paced, startup SaaS environment it will give you a heads-up on what to keep in mind if you embark on that path in the future. If you have SaaS experience it is an opportunity to engage and share experiences before, during, or after the session.

    About Goran Begic

    Goran Begic leads product management at a market leading SaaS solution for application security. He has over 15 years of experience in product management and product marketing in high tech including experience of working at tech giants like IBM to high-tech thought leaders like Rational Software and MathWorks to up and coming business like SmartBear and currently Veracode.

    At 9:30am to 10:20am, Saturday 2nd May

    In Adams (1st floor), Microsoft NERD Center

    Coverage slide deck

  • Success with User Stories: Cut Through User Story Chaos

    by Ellen Gottesdiener

    On the surface, user stories seem pretty straightforward: Just write “As a...I need to...So that...” on an index card. But in reality user stories often lead to a confusing array of struggles and puzzles, such as losing precious engineering time during iterations with analysis; delivering the wrong product slice—or delivering it with errors; delivering late; and more. Surely this chaos is not how user stories are intended to work!

    Join Ellen Gottesdiener as she shares practical ways for product managers and product owners to mitigate the troubles of user stories while amplifying their advantages. Learn the power of collaboratively uncovering user stories, when and how to engage with engineering and product stakeholders, and guidelines for effective user stories. Leave with a straightforward, holistic approach to stories that will smooth the way for a successful iterative delivery effort.

    About Ellen Gottesdiener

    Ellen Gottesdiener is an internationally recognized leader in the convergence of agile + requirements + product management + project management. Ellen is founder and principal of EBG Consulting, which helps organizations adapt how they collaborate to improve business outcomes.

    Ellen’s passion is helping people use modern product requirements practices to build valued products and great teams. She provides training, coaching, and facilitates discovery and planning workshops across diverse industries.

    Ellen has presented at numerous industry conferences (including pCamp), facilitated Agile Open Jams on Product Management & Business Analysis, and track-chaired conferences including Agile 2014-5 and Product Management Festival. Her most recent book, co-authored with Mary Gorman, is Discover to Deliver: Agile Product Planning and Analysis. Ellen is author of two other acclaimed books: Requirements by Collaboration and The Software Requirements Memory Jogger.

    At 9:30am to 10:20am, Saturday 2nd May

    In Mann (1st floor), Microsoft NERD Center

  • Affinitization for Productization

    by Teresa Hubscher-Younger, Nishaat Vasi and Harshita (Deshpande) Bhurat

    You have great innovative solutions and market requirements. How do you determine whether they form a single product, multiple products, or are not enough for a new offering?

    For a recent project we used affinitization to help determine the productization strategy. We will discuss:
    -What we tried
    -Some of the challenges we faced, including remote participants and quantitative scoring

    Let’s have a discussion on what you have tried in similar situations.

    About Nishaat Vasi, Harshita Bhurat, and Teresa Hubscher-Younger

    We are Product Marketing Managers at the Mathworks. We have done a similar session last year.

    At 10:30am to 11:20am, Saturday 2nd May

    In Toronto (1st floor), Microsoft NERD Center

  • Agile is Killing the Traditional Product Manager! Why This is a Good Thing for B2B Software

    by John Mansour

    Agile development has exposed a big crack in the foundation of product management. This interactive discussion will highlight why this may be one of the best things to happen to software companies, and product management professionals!

    About John Mansour

    John Mansour is the founder and managing partner at Proficientz, a training and consulting firm that specializes in B2B product management. John brings 20-years of experience in product management, marketing and sales in manager, director and VP roles. As the managing partner of Proficientz, John has worked with more than 2000 organizations that span high technology, business services, telecom, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing and many others. John served as the chairman for the Technology Association of Georgia’s Product Management Society from 2006 - 2010. Proficientz proudly sponsors ProductCamp conferences worldwide.

    At 10:30am to 11:20am, Saturday 2nd May

    In Paul (1st floor), Microsoft NERD Center

  • True Story: How Dyn turned a cool technology into Revenue

    by Neil Baron and Charlie Baker

    Dyn, the New Hampshire based leader in Internet Performance, faced a challenge when it bought a company with fantastic technology but limited market presence in 2014. It became the responsibility of the Dyn product team to figure out how to accelerate market adoption and prioritize key feature delivery.

    During this session Charlie Baker, Dyn Director of Internet Performance, and outside consultant Neil Baron will share how they followed a customer centric approach to uncover the hidden value of the acquired technology. This enabled them to create a value proposition that resonated with the target market. In addition, Dyn used a powerful method of market segmentation to identify the customers most likely to buy quickly.

    Within six months, Dyn moved from working with a handful of “design partners” to selling the new technology to dozens of enterprise customers including LinkedIn, Tango and Ustream.

    About Neil Baron and Charlie Baker

    Neil Baron runs Baron Strategic Partners, a consulting firm focused on helping B2B companies succeed by implementing product management and marketing best practices. He regularly delivers highly rated sessions at Product Camp, numerous BPMA events and other venues. He is the founder of the Strategic Marketing Leadership Summit and the Boston Product Executives Forum.

    Charlie Baker oversees the roadmap and strategic direction for all of Dyn’s Internet Performance services. Prior to Dyn, he was the Director of Product Management for companies like PeerApp, Brix Networks (purchased by EXFO), and Brooktrout Technology (now Dialogic), accruing nearly 20 years of experience working in product management. Charlie holds a Bachelor's of Science in Management from the United States Air Force Academy and an MBA from Boston University.

    At 10:30am to 11:20am, Saturday 2nd May

    In Attucks (1st floor), Microsoft NERD Center

  • Dealing with an MVP? - Launching a Minimal Viable Product

    by Courtney Greenwood, MBA

    Hear the story, and learn about the experience of pivoting from a planned product with all the bells and whistles to a lean, sleek go – to – market product. Hear the tale of a revolutionizing healthcare product being built in an agile methodology to launch. Hear what occurred across the organization, the strain of an MVP launch, lessons learned, and hopefully audience stories to share.

    About Courtney Greenwood

    Courtney Greenwood, MBA, works in product marketing in the health technology industry in Boston, MA. She has worked in healthcare in various capacities throughout her career such as business development, community relations, R & D, and grant writing. She is passionate about helping improve healthcare through the use of technology, connecting people to help them elevate their careers, and having enriching life experiences.

    At 12:45pm to 1:35pm, Saturday 2nd May

    In Adams (1st floor), Microsoft NERD Center

  • The Product Visioning Workshop: A Proven Method for Roadmap Planning and Feature Prioritization

    by Christine Perfetti

    Is your team looking for new product concepts to capture a new market? Do you need to establish a long-term product strategy? Are you working to set a direction to drive roadmap decisions?

    In this presentation, we will share a proven approach for creating a long-term product vision that your team can understand and rally behind. We will share all of the techniques you'll need to successfully run a Product Visioning Workshop with your product team and business stakeholders.

    You will learn how to create a long-term vision for your product, establish consensus and buy-in across your organization, and prioritize features for the product roadmap. Your product managers will come away equipped to create roadmaps that align with your long-term product strategy.

    Christine successfully integrated the Product Visioning Workshop at several successful technology companies, including Acquia and Carbonite.

    About Christine Perfetti

    I have built and managed User Experience teams at two highly successful technology companies, Carbonite and Acquia. I scaled up and managed the teams, improved product management processes, and established best practices for integrating user experience into the product development process.

    I have been a featured speaker at dozens of conferences, including Webstock New Zealand, Lean UX NYC, the IA Summit, the Confab Content Strategy Conference, the User Interface Conference, CHI, and DrupalCon.

    At 12:45pm to 1:35pm, Saturday 2nd May

    In Mann (1st floor), Microsoft NERD Center

  • Committing to $$ and Dates in an Agile World

    by Todd Olson

    Engineering organizations have adopted agile techniques to deliver innovation faster and at a level of higher quality, but these changes often have a dramatic impact the rest of the organization including product, marketing, sales and support.

    Many of these surrounding organizations feel like they “lose” something once this transition happens -- like committing to dates or budgets. This talk will explore how to evolve your product management organization and processes to keep (and get ahead of) the pace with engineering. And with this evolution how to retain many of the things (like dates) that the rest of the organization requires.

    About Todd Olson

    Todd Olson is the CEO and Co-Founder of Pendo (www.pendo.io). Prior to Pendo, Todd served as Vice President of Products at Rally Software Development. Todd joined Rally via the acquisition of 6th Sense where he was President and CTO. Todd has also held leadership positions at Borland and TogetherSoft.

    Todd is a frequent speaker on agile software development, product management, and entrepreneurship. He's spoken at Agile2013, Agile2014, ProductCamp Atlanta, ProductCamp San Francisco, and ProductCamp Silicon Valley.

    At 1:45pm to 2:35pm, Saturday 2nd May

    In Attucks (1st floor), Microsoft NERD Center

  • Curing Shiny Object Syndrome: Setting Goals & Priorities for Success

    by Bruce McCarthy

    Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/Produc...

    Ever feel like you have a hundred #1 priorities? That you are somehow magically supposed to do 12 things at once? Do your executives' priorities seem to shift from day to day, or even hour to hour?
    Your company may be suffering from Shiny Object Syndrome.

    Shiny Object Syndrome: pursuing every idea that seems good without prioritizing, seeing it through to a reasonable return on investment, or deciding to abandon it when it doesn’t deliver.

    In this session, veteran startup guy and product person, Bruce McCarthy, will help you understand how to focus your efforts consistently on needle-movers, gain buy-in and support from executives, and pick the truly great ideas out of the stack of merely good ones.

    In this interactive session, you will learn:
    - How to translate the CEO’s vision into product direction
    - The difference between a goal and an initiative
    - The 9 types of business goals and how to tell which to focus on with your product
    - How to map your product goals to corporate strategy
    - Pitfalls to avoid in collecting and ranking ideas
    - Why LOE is critical to prioritization (and how to get it quickly)

    About Bruce McCarthy

    Bruce has founded 3 companies and led teams in organizations ranging from startups to market leaders such as Art Technology Group, Oracle and D&B. Prior to UpUp Labs, Bruce was VP of Product at NetProspex. He has demonstrated his leadership in areas ranging from marketing to acquisitions (on both sides of the table) to product management, development and design.

    Bruce founded UpUp Labs in 2012 to help product development teams work better together to deliver great products to market faster. He also applies his expertise to building innovative new tools like Reqqs, the smart roadmapping tool. Bruce is a prolific blogger, as well as an organizer and internationally sought-after speaker at product management, development, and innovation events. He was recently a judge at the Harvard Business School New Venture Competition, and is the organizing force behind the BPMA's PRODiE awards. All of Bruce’s many ProductCamp sessions at locations around the country have been standing-room-only.

    At 1:45pm to 2:35pm, Saturday 2nd May

    In Commons A (10th floor), Microsoft NERD Center

  • Herding the Cats - Prioritizing Product Development with Market Sizing

    by Cory Mann

    How many times has your organization made product decisions based on who yelled the loudest? Whether the shouting comes from a key customer, an influential developer, or a marketing executive on a quest, solid data on the market opportunity will help you justify better choices.

    This session will offer real world examples of market sizing research that led to smart choices in feature development, decisions about entering new markets, and best acquisition targets. Participants will discuss challenges and tactics in securing solid research, and will walk away with an understanding of the variety of approaches that can be applied to gather the hard facts to make optimal product choices.

    About Cory Mann

    Cory Mann helps B2B vendors and service providers launch and grow through insight into customers, channels and competitors. 15 years of high tech experience including go-to-market consulting with Gartner and leading market research at Kronos software have culminated in Cory Mann Market Insight, LLC. Cory’s firm brings a combination of strategic planning and grounded research skills to every engagement, enabling clients with defensible conclusions and concrete recommendations.

    At 1:45pm to 2:35pm, Saturday 2nd May

    In Lombardo (1st floor), Microsoft NERD Center

  • Not In My Backyard (NIMBY): Building Products in a Services Organization

    by Justin Bakst

    Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/Produc...

    In today’s hyper competitive B-B marketplace, services organizations are quickly learning that in order to achieve scalable high growth opportunities they must embrace the product management discipline. SAS Products are being created in the most unlikely industries from consulting, staffing, financial services and banking. But what if your organization lacks product management core competences? Many organizations understand the need for the product management disciple but are hesitant to adapt and change accordingly. This presentation and discussion will focus on this complex landscape as we share strategies and tactics to thrive in this environment.

    About Justin Bakst

    Justin is a Managing Director at a consulting firm with a focus on data analytics SAS products for financial institutions. Justin has taken SAS products from idea inception to business case to successful launch in a complex services organization. Justin is a writer, speaker, and contributor to several professional organizations.

    At 1:45pm to 2:35pm, Saturday 2nd May

    In Vitruvius (10th floor), Microsoft NERD Center