Sessions at ProductCamp Boston 2015 about User Experience

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Saturday 2nd May 2015

  • Usability tests - all the secrets and a live real action-learning demonstration

    by Liron Zighelnic

    Usability is a huge part of (almost) every product. Today customers expect that every product will have the best user experience, but how can you know whether your product has it?
    How can you know if users understand the product? (and whether you understand the users?)

    In the session we will:
    Discuss the new concept of customer-focused-development
    Share what we learned when doing that
    and we will have a real live action-learning demonstration in which you will first be the user and then be the product manager

    About Liron Zighelnic

    Liron is the Co-founder and CEO of Curtain - a recommendation mobile application for fashion.

    She is also an MBA candidate at MIT and has ten years of experience in tech, including software development, technology management and product management, in a variety of industries including military, intelligence, mobile, venture capital and consulting.

    Liron loves product management people and data (big-data, small data, machine learning, information retrieval recommendation systems and other goodies)

    At 9:30am to 10:20am, Saturday 2nd May

    In Austin (1st floor), Microsoft NERD Center

  • Is Design Metrically Opposed?

    by Jared Spool

    Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/Produc...

    The world of metrics and analytics has always been at odds with how designers work. Design is a process where we finely tune our gut intuition to create a great user experience. Yet, sometimes, the measures we take indicate a different outcome.

    In this presentation, Jared will explore the world of measures, metrics, and KPIs. He’ll share the techniques behind Amazon and Netflix’s success. He’ll show how some practices, like the growth hacking approach to increasing Monthly Average Users (MAUs) have hurt the online experience of Instagram and LinkedIn.

    Jared will explore:

    + What do easily-collected analytics like bounce rate and time-on-page actually tells us about our users experiences?
    + How do we construct true Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that can predict the future patterns of users?
    + Why advanced techniques, like a money-left-on-the-table analysis and the CE11, show us how much more powerful metrics can be in design?

    About Jared M. Spool

    I'm a researcher mapping out the world of user experience and great design processes. I'm the Founding Principal at UIE and a co-founder of Center Centre.

    I've spoken at previous Product Camps and give presentations 40+ times a year. (Here's a small subset of recent events I've spoken at: http://lanyrd.com/profile/jmspoo...)

    At 10:30am to 11:20am, Saturday 2nd May

    In London (11th floor), Microsoft NERD Center

  • Cross-Product and Feature Compatibility: How Do You Guide The Right Decision on the First Release?

    by Teresa Hubscher-Younger

    Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/Produc...

    This interactive discussion will look at how we get into those tricky questions of cross-product and cross-feature compatibility, especially on first release. At MathWorks, we are embarking on a new project to promote early discussion of cross-product and feature compatibility based on user type and workflow. We will discuss what we are trying and would like to learn more about what has worked or not worked for others. Attend if you have a product that needs to play well with others or if you have developers who love to add features that need to work in multiple workflows.

    About Teresa Hubscher-Younger

    Teresa is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at MathWorks. She works on a highly technical product - Simulink - with teams that love to develop new features. She led a session at last year's ProductCamp Boston on Videos to Drive Marketing Strategy.

    At 12:45pm to 1:35pm, Saturday 2nd May

    In Lombardo (1st floor), Microsoft NERD Center

  • Leveraging User Psychology to Improve Your Product Engagement

    by Jackson Noel

    Are you wondering how to improve user activation and engagement rates for your product?

    Understanding the nuances of behavioral psychology could be the answer. This session will cover strategies you can easily implement to better design your product for the how the human brain makes decisions.

    Product managers, marketers and designers are all encouraged to attend!

    About Jackson Noel

    Jackson is one of the founders of Appcues, the SaaS platform that allows you to create in-product experiences without changing any code.

    He writes on the topics of user onboarding, psychology and UX for the Appcues Onboarding Academy (http://appcues.com/academy/), and has taught sessions on these topics as an instructor at General Assembly.

    Previously he was a Product Marketer at Testive, an edtech startup in Boston.

    At 12:45pm to 1:35pm, Saturday 2nd May

    In London (11th floor), Microsoft NERD Center

  • Metric-driven product management - more than double your productivity

    by Andy Singleton

    As product delivery cycles become shorter, product managers can quickly measure user response to product changes. SaaS companies measure essentially every interaction, and other products are collecting increasing amounts of data. We get some advantages by using this hard data for product planning, instead of a long-term forecast about customer needs and market strategy. There are fewer arguments because we are working from data. And, we can increase development productivity by directing a higher percentage of our development work to things that customers care about. How do we get the data? Where do we use it? How can we structure more effiicient tests?

    We will discuss our tactics, experiences and recommendations from our own work. We used this session topic at the MTLC unconference in November, and we learned a lot from that.

    About Andy Singleton

    I am the founder of Assembla, a SaaS company that has been trying to do a better job of continuous delivery, usage measurements, and metric-driven product management. I formerly founded PowerSteering Software and Cambridge Interactive. I am gathering material for a book on "The New Continuous Agile". We used this session topic at the MTLC unconference in November, and I learned a lot from that.

    At 12:45pm to 1:35pm, Saturday 2nd May

    In Paul (1st floor), Microsoft NERD Center

  • How to Leverage Usage Data to Drive Product Messaging and Adoption

    by Rachel Sprung

    Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/Produc...

    In-app messaging. Email sends. Content creation. There are so many things that we do to promote different features of our product. But after awhile, users tend to tune them out especially if they are not relevant. It can be challenging if not impossible to figure out how to re-engage your customers especially when you have a new product that would benefit them.

    Using usage data from SQL or MixPanel, you can cater your messaging toward the segment of customers who are a great fit for your latest product release or your latest product marketing campaign. In this session we will walk through how to do this through developing a hypothesize, pulling usage data in SQL, and running a campaign based on this data.

    About Rachel Sprung

    Rachel Sprung is a Product Marketing Manager at HubSpot specializing in Reporting and Analytics. Rachel loves using SQL, Mixpanel, and all things data to make usage-driven decisions. This transcends through her work developing product positioning, launching product campaigns, and creating content. It's this data-driven approach that earned Rachel the 2014 Excellence in Innovation Award at HubSpot. Previously, she managed internal and external events including HubSpot's annual INBOUND conference. Whether you want to chat data, product, or puppies, you can find her on Twitter @RSprung.

    At 1:45pm to 2:35pm, Saturday 2nd May

    In Mann (1st floor), Microsoft NERD Center