Probabilistic programming with Lea (PyData)

A session at PyCon Ireland 2015

  • Pierre Denis

Saturday 24th October, 2015

5:00pm to 5:30pm (DMT)

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The talk aims at introducing Lea, an open-source Python library dedicated to probabilities and probabilistic programming (PP).

The main concepts of Lea and PP shall be presented. The basic idea is to model some uncertain reality and to make queries on this model. Many simple examples (coins, dice, ...) shall be presented, covering probability distributions, conditional probabilities and Bayesian reasoning. The talk shall also introduce Leapp, a basic PPL that extends Python syntax to ease the usage of Lea.

If time allows it (50 min), some part of Lea implementation shall be sketched; the original ""statue"" algorithm based on Python's generators shall be presented.

As prerequisites, only basic knowledge of probabilities is required (no obscure maths!). One of the goal of Lea is to be easy to use, by hiding as much as possible the complexity of probability theory.The talk is meant to follow this principle.

Lea site: http://code.google.com/p/lea

About the speaker

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Pierre Denis

"I *love* Python. Since 1998.

I am working as software engineer at n-Side, a great company that brings optimisation methods to industry. My previous job (15 years) was in Spacebel, another great company developing software for satellites.

I have initiated three Python open-source projects:
* UFOPAX: a generic engine for building and exploring text-oriented virtual universes (with wxPython GUI)
* Unum: a system to define units and calculate with true quantities
* Lea: a module handling discrete probability distributions

I am interested in number theory. I'm trying to prove the twin primes conjecture.

I speak English and French (native). I live in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium."

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PyCon Ireland 2015

Ireland Ireland, Dublin

24th25th October 2015

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Time 5:00pm5:30pm DMT

Date Sat 24th October 2015


Goldsmith 3, Radisson Blu Royal Hotel

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