QED 2015

For science, reason and critical thinking

24 26 April 2015

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40 speakers

  • Bruce Hood @profbrucehood experimental psychologist and author
  • Lucie Green @Dr_Lucie physicist and science broadcaster best known for her work on The Sky At Night and Stargazing Live
  • Rosie Waterhouse @rosiew5 Senior Lecturer in Journalism at City University London; expert on Satanic abuse, false memories and moral panics
  • Harriet A. Hall "The Skep Doc" is a retired family physician and former Air Force flight surgeon; Science-Based Medicine blog; CSI Fellow
  • Marcel Dicke @DickeMarcel professor of Entomology at Wageningen University in the Netherlands
  • Dame Sue Ion leading figure in the UK’s nuclear industry and an internationally recognised expert on fuel recycling
  • Matt Dillahunty @Matt_Dillahunty former president of the Atheist Community of Austin, Texas, and host of The Atheist Experience cable TV show
  • Michael Marshall @MrMMarsh Project Director of the Good Thinking Society and Vice President of the Merseyside Skeptics Society
  • AC Grayling @acgrayling philosopher and author of over thirty books - including The Good Book, Ideas That Matter, Liberty in the Age of Terror and To Set Prometheus Free
  • Natalie Haynes comedian, author and humanist
  • Ryan Bell @ryanjbell former pastor whose time with the church came to an end in headline-making fashion after he announced his intention to ‘try atheism’ for his ‘year without God’
  • Jennifer Michael Hecht @freudeinstein writer, historian, poet and philosopher; author of the book ‘Doubt: A History’
  • Kate Smurthwaite @Cruella1 award-winning comedian and political activist who has appeared on ‘Question Time’, ‘The Big Questions’, ‘This Morning’, ‘Woman’s Hour’ and ‘The Moral Maze’
  • Jay Foreman @jayforeman musical comedian and whose work has appeared on the ‘Answer Me This!’ podcast
  • Mitch Benn @MitchBenn headlining our Saturday night entertainment
  • Andy Wilson @saxman1000 host of InKredulous podcast
  • Aron Ra @Aron_Ra Texas State Director of American Atheists, host of Ra-Men, YouTube personality
  • Kash Farooq @kashfarooq Skeptics in the Pub
  • Ian M Scott @Ian_M_Scott founder of Glasgow Skeptics
  • Alice Howarth @AliceEmmaLouise PhD cancer researcher
  • Mike Hall @mikehall314 Merseyside Skeptics Society
  • Deborah Hyde @jourdemayne editor of The Skeptic magazine
  • Chris French @chriscfrench Psychologist
  • Victoria Stiles @ViolettaCrisis PhD in History and is co-organiser of the Greater Manchester Skeptics Society

Coverage of QED 2015

33 sessions

Thursday 23rd April 2015

Skepticamp & QED Mixer Day 1 from 10:30am to 11:59pm Friday 24th April 2015

Saturday Day 2 from 8:30am to 11:59pm Saturday 25th April 2015

Sunday Day 3 from 10am to 4:30pm Sunday 26th April 2015


52 known attendees

  • David Gamble
  • Sid Rodrigues
  • Femme Ke
  • Michael Josephson
  • Simon Whitlock
  • András G. Pintér
  • Lee Christie
  • Bevin Flynn
  • Rian van Lierop
  • Katy
  • Dermot Bolton
  • Laurie Phillips
  • Adrian Belcher
  • Erik Åkesson
  • Leon Korteweg
  • bruce hood
  • Lucie Green
  • rosie waterhouse
  • MarcelDicke
  • Nicola Throp
  • Matt Dillahunty
  • Michael Marshall
  • AC Grayling
  • Ryan Bell
  • Jennifer Hecht
  • Kate Smurthwaite
  • Jay Foreman
  • Mitch Benn
  • Andy Wilson
  • Aron Ra
  • Kash Farooq
  • Ian M Scott
  • Alice Emma Louise
  • Mike Hall
  • Deborah Hyde
  • Chris French
  • Vicky
  • Martin L Poulter
  • Cosmic Genome
  • Sheena Cruickshank

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