SmashingConf Oxford 2015

SmashingConf returns to Oxford! Two days, one track, 16 brilliant speakers, and hands-on, practical and useful talks.

17 18 March 2015

15 speakers

  • Yoav Weiss @yoavweiss Browser tinkerer. WebPerf freak. RICG implementer.
  • Tom Giannattasio @attasi The creator of Macaw. Front-ender, designer, developer. A kind person.
  • Polle de Maagt @Polledemaagt Changes companies like IKEA and KLM to be less about ads and more about acts. Prime Minister. Kind of.
  • Meagan Fisher @owltastic Web designer. Lover of owls. My twitter stream is just me being defeated by things.
  • Richard Rutter @clagnut User experience designer & web typography evangelist. Co-founder @Fontdeck & @Clearleft.
  • Peter Bilak @PeterBilak Designer @typotheque , Publisher @WorksThatWork
  • Christopher Murphy @fehler A writer, designer and educator, described by Creative Review as, “A William Morris for the digital age.” Publisher of @readtinybooks and @getglyph.
  • Lorna Mitchell @lornajane Freelance consultant, PHP developer, speaker, writer of English as well as Geek, and all-round open source evangelist
  • Jake Archibald @jaffathecake Developer advocate at Google. Cheerfully incompetent.
  • Rachel Ilan Simpson User Experience & Interaction Designer at Google
  • Natalie Yadrentseva @natalieyadren Data Visualization. Product Specialist. Agile.
  • Paul Lewis @aerotwist Googler who noodles with code and design. I help people fix performance, UX and UI issues. Views (barely) my own.
  • Zoe M. Gillenwater @zomigi Web designer/developer specializing in CSS, RWD, UX, & accessibility. Author of books Stunning CSS3 & Flexible Web Design. UX Designer @
  • Bruce Lawson Opera Software @brucel UK Web standards lovegod. Co-wrote Introducing HTML5. Has MS. Kickboxer, poetry/music freak. RT≠+1. Personal tweets. Disclosure: Opera employee, NOT spokesman .
  • Christian Heilmann @codepo8 Developer Evangelist - all things open web, HTML5, writing and working together. #nofilter

62 known attendees

  • Ben MacGowan
  • Tomasz Gospodarczyk
  • Seb Lee-Delisle
  • Dave Ryan
  • Linn
  • Emily Coward
  • Martin Doyle
  • Mathieu Maes
  • Adam Ross Bowers
  • Irena Dugonjić
  • Joe Beaver
  • Katja Hollaar
  • Dries Marien
  • Łukasz Szadkowski
  • Mar Munoz
  • Charlton Agius
  • marc thiele
  • Gerry Leonidas
  • Scott Whitehead
  • Damian Mieloch
  • Hannah Jamieson Vickery
  • Stephen Repacholi
  • Keir Whitaker
  • Marko Dugonjic
  • Edgar Leijs
  • matt
  • jucke
  • Cristiano Betta
  • Sergio Acosta
  • Joël Plas
  • Oliver Lindberg
  • Valentin Jacquemin
  • David Roessli
  • Matthew Standage
  • David Moulton
  • Jan Deppisch
  • b.wood
  • Jason Lafferty
  • Michał Zieliński
  • Simon Owen

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  • Sander Aarts
  • Tristan Roddis
  • Morena Fiore-Kirby
  • (((Ant Miller)))
  • Simon Poole
  • Marcin Kumorek
  • David Lowe
  • chriscolegate
  • Jason Pamental
  • havi hoffman
  • Random Precision Ltd
  • Marek Lenik
  • Alistair Duggin
  • Terje Sten Bjerkseth
  • Corentin Cremet
  • Tristan Bailey
  • Jay Greasley
  • Thomas Hollstegge
  • James Young
  • Fred Rocha
  • Ahmed Radjdi
  • Mike Lee
  • Dan Corns
  • Kenneth Auchenberg
  • Jason James
  • Graham Licence
  • Muse Comunicazione
  • Peter McClory
  • Robbie Clutton
  • Ke Chang
  • Jenna Gengler
  • Diana Cheng
  • Nigel Crawley
  • Ivan Nikolić
  • Sara Soueidan 🐦
  • Salva Ferrando 🚀
  • Tim Stamp "Stampy"
  • Adam Green
  • Elisa Poquette

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