TEDxFlourCity 2015 schedule

Saturday 30th May 2015

  • Discover Your Archetype

    by Gabrielle Javier-Cerulli

    Are you a Hedonist or a Hermit? A Visionary or a Student? Gabrielle explain how discovering your guiding archetypes are essential to discover your answer to the eternal question: Who am I?

    At 10:10am to 10:17am, Saturday 30th May

  • Clean Water via Tourists

    by Elizabeth (Schirmer) Shores

    You don't need a medical degree to operate sustainable technologies that save lives. Elizabeth will demonstrate how to impact 2000 by putting 80 minutes or less aside while traveling.

    At 10:38am to 10:45am, Saturday 30th May

  • Cued Speech in Action

    by Dr. Cathy Rasmussen

    Cathy speaks on why Cued Speech is such a simple and effective way to make spoken language clear for anyone who may have difficulty hearing it. She will demonstrate what Cued Speech looks like and how it works, as well as a look at Cued Speech in action.

    At 10:47am to 10:56am, Saturday 30th May

  • The Mayor Tells Her Story

    by Lovely Warren

    Mayor Lovely Warren has seen Rochester flourish and flounder. She will share her personal stories that share her experience and her vision to see the city succeed.

    At 11:31am to 11:45am, Saturday 30th May

  • We're All Preservationists

    by Caitlin Meives

    Caitlin believes we all are preservationists--we just don’t know it. This idea was the spark of the Young Urban Preservationist, a group focused on introducing the importance and effectiveness of preserving architecture to young professionals

    At 11:46am to 11:55am, Saturday 30th May

  • Perpetual Sustainability?

    by Dr. Callie Babbitt

    What sustainability ideas can we adopt from the perpetual growth of the environment? Callie introduced the audience to Industrial Ecology and how to transport successes in ecosystems into industrial systems.

    At 11:56am to 12:05pm, Saturday 30th May

  • Maker Culture and Craftsmanship

    by Scott Grove

    Technology has redefined what it means to “make something”. Scott explores where to draw the line between the computerization of work and true craftsmanship.

    At 12:06pm to 12:16pm, Saturday 30th May

  • Karsten Brooks / Jay O'Leary

    by Karsten Brooks and Jay O'Leary

    Karsten performs a work he composed for piano and recorded electronica, performed and choreographed by Jay.


    At 12:17pm to 12:23pm, Saturday 30th May

  • Loving and Caring for Your Elders

    by Phyllis Peters

    Caregiving can at times take over every part of your life. Phyllis shares her experience caregiving for the five members in her family's older generation.

    At 1:47pm to 1:57pm, Saturday 30th May

  • Bad Gender Roles for Boys

    by Kelly Clark

    Common understanding of sex and gender is greatly oversimplified. Kelly explores how our lack of knowledge contributes to negative outcomes, especially for boys.

    At 1:58pm to 2:07pm, Saturday 30th May

  • Courage in Journalism

    by Natasha Alford

    Natasha Alford has seen news in all its forms—great reporting from citizen journalists and poor fact-checking at large media companies. She share how the most important facet to powerful news is having the courage to report it, be it as a citizen or reporter.

    At 2:08pm to 2:21pm, Saturday 30th May

  • Improv and Audience

    by Chris Teal, Mike Kaupa, Michael Frederick and Danny Ziemann

    Chris shares the importance of improvisation and engages the audience in participation on “improvised” work. Mike Kaupa performs on trumpet, Mike Frederick on guitar, and Danny Ziemann on bass.

    At 3:00pm to 3:10pm, Saturday 30th May

  • Smart Optometry

    by Joung Yoon (Felix) Kim

    Eighty percent (80%) of visual impairment is preventable. Felix believes we all deserve the best possible sight in order to live a prosperous and fulfilling life. He will share life-changing technology of his design plus his vision for expanding access to eye care.

    At 3:11pm to 3:20pm, Saturday 30th May

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  • Dark Matter Galaxy

    by Sukanya Chakrabarti

    Galaxies are the largest structures in the universe but they can be the hardest to find—especially when they are mostly made of dark matter. Sukanya will share how she discovered this easy to miss galaxy.

    At 3:21pm to 3:31pm, Saturday 30th May

  • My Affect in Equador

    by Erin Green

    Travel profoundly changed Erin's affect and well-being during a visit to Ecuador. She contrasts this experience there with her familiar but detached routine in America.

    At 3:32pm to 3:43pm, Saturday 30th May

  • From Cuba With Music

    by Lourdes Santiesteban

    It took 52 years for the US to re-established diplomatic relations with Cuba. During that time, Lourdes and many others fled to escape oppression. She will share her journey to the United States and the unforgettable roots to Cuba.

    At 3:44pm to 3:57pm, Saturday 30th May

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