Facilitation workshop: help your team design services that show empathy for users

Learn techniques from facilitation, coaching, conflict resolution, and improvisational theatre

22 June 2015

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Imagine you have one objective: to design a service that shows empathy for users. No frustrating experiences, no organisational jargon, no bureaucratic hoops to jump through. Just straightforward design that demonstrates respect for your users by meeting their needs.

Imagine you also have constraints: you can't work alone, and you can't tell others what to do. No policies, no best practice, no saying, "here's what we *should* do." You can show but you can't tell.

What would you do?

The answer isn't in any one person's contribution—whether design, research, code, or content. The answer is in how the team works together. Your team needs to:

  • demonstrate values of trust, mutual respect, and choice
  • find common purpose in meeting user needs
  • test work with users regularly so everyone learns from feedback

Learn how to encourage your team to adopt these behaviours using simple techniques rarely seen in design teams. Taken from fields like facilitation, coaching, conflict resolution, and improvisational theatre, these techniques don't rely on telling people what to do. They work by discovering the group's common purpose and creating a space where everyone can learn together. As a result you'll contribute to work that shows empathy for users—work that makes a difference to people's lives.

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