Tropical Ruby 2015 speakers

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Alex Coles

Software Engineer and Consultant at Finn GmbH

Alex Coles unabashedly wears the hat of ‘generalist’. He is active in the Ruby community, having founded the annual eurucamp camp/conference and JRubyConf EU. He has also contributed extensively to many open-source projects including OpenProject, RefineryCMS and DataMapper.

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Andrew Rosa

Software Developer at Codeminer42

Software Developer at Codeminer42. LISP connoisseur, enthusiast of polyglot environments and functional programming lover.

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Avdi Grimm

Head chef at RubyTapas.com, author of Confident Ruby and a Ruby Rogue

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Carlos Antonio

Developer at Enjoei and Rails Core Team Member

Developer at @enjoei, Rails Core Team Member, Open Source Lover, Hacking Beautiful Code.

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Celso Fernandes

CEO at Zertico

Hacking on Zertico since founded on 2010, as company CEO he has been focused on management but always driving technological advancement on cloud, xen, puppet and rails! Actually is contributor on some open source projects like fog (maintaining xenserver and softlayer modules), trailblazer, #cobra and example42 (puppet modules).

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Christopher Rigor

Support Team Lead at Engine Yard

Christopher Rigor has degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics. He is a Rails developer and system administrator and currently the Support team lead at Engine Yard in Asia Pacific.

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Fabiano Beselga

CTO at Magnetis

Fabiano is CTO at Magnetis. Previously was consultant at Codeminer42, technical leader at Hewlett-Packard (HP), system analyst at Spring Wireless and has worked as technical leader for some brazilian startups. MBA graduated in IT’s management with a business perspective to put the code in context of business and not the opposite. Working with Ruby since 2007, enthusiast that is always looking for ways to improve the architecture and design of the code.

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John Crepezzi

Developer at Genius

John is a developer at Genius in New York. He's the author of several popular Ruby gems including ice_cube, easy_translate, and google_plus. He is also the creator of the open source pastebin software hastebin. He enjoys speaking and blogging about code, learning new things, and writing great software.

  • On Memory, Sat 7th March 1:40pm to 2:10pm
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Julio Faerman

Technical Evangelist at Amazon Web Services

Julio Faerman is a software engineer and teacher, among other labels. Works at Amazon Web Services as a Technical Evangelist, exploring the cloud with Latin American developers and bringing back the experiences from the road. Before that, worked at Red Hat, Borland and government and telecomunications organizations. Also innovates in open-source e-learning projects at Craftware, edits content for InfoQ and QCon, teaches a post-graduate course at UNITRI and co-leads the UAI Java User Group.

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Lucas Allan

Software Engineer at Mogo

Lucas Allan has worked with software development for 7 years and currently he is Software Engineer at Mogo in Vancouver, Canada. In the last 6 years, he has worked mostly with Ruby, but currently he also works with Clojure and Scala. In his spare time he likes to contribute with some open-source projects like JRuby and concurrent-ruby and he is also the creator of LuaTruffle (version of Lua implemented on top of the JVM - still in development).

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Marcelo De Polli

Software Developer at Chargify

Marcelo is a software developer at Chargify, where he hacks into a codebase that serves over 1,500 companies and millions of individual customers. A mixed creature of design and technology, he has spent as many years thinking up user interfaces as he has writing code.

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Marcos Matos

Developer at ThoughtWorks

Marcos Matos is a programming lover! He likes to discuss any IT topic, study strange languages and drink good beer. A guy from Minas Gerais who lives in Porto Alegre where he works at ThoughtWorks.

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Netto Farah

Brazilian Code Monkey at 8tracks

Netto is the brazilian groove at 8tracks codebase. After a few years fighting architects, managers and some other mystical creatures of the enterprise world, he decided it was about time to write code for something he's really passionate about. The music beats from 8tracks come in handy. When not working on creative ways to integrate with the latest and greatest partner for 8tracks, Netto will be playing whack-a-mole with bugs on the website so you can always get the music magic.

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Nick Sutterer

Creator of Trailblazer, Roar and Cells

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Noelia Cabane

Product Designer and Front-end Developer at Restorando

Noelia is a graphic designer from Universidad de Buenos Aires that got started with print design until she discovered her passion for user centered design and site building. As Restorando’s Product Designer and Front-end Developer she works on mobile applications, the public site and the tools for the restaurants. It is there where she discovered the potential of Sass combined with object oriented CSS. She is also the Organizer of RailsGirls Buenos Aires.

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PJ Hagerty

Community Team Lead at Engine Yard

A Ruby developer for the last several years, PJ currently works at Engine Yard as the Community Team Lead. Additionally, he organizes the Western New York Ruby Brigade. Traveling to conferences and Ruby meet ups around the US and Canada, PJ likes to spread the word on the importance of community and coding, stressing the importance of outreach and focusing on the human side of being a coder.

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Rafael França

Software Developer at Plataformatec and Rails Core Team Member

Rafael França is a software developer from Plataformatec and a Rails Core Team member. He contributes to several open source projects, notably Simple Form, of which he s a maintainer.

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Rafael Lopes

Technical Trainer at Amazon Web Services

Rafael Lopes is an infrastructure engineer with a bachelor's degree in information systems. He works as a Technical Trainer at Amazon, where teaches courses and webinars in addition to participating and speaking at events and lectures for AWS users around the world. Having witnessed the birth of cloud computing with a close relationship to the subject, Lopes can speak from experience about its value and added benefits. And, with previous experience managing infrastructure on the same traditional model as Cloud Computing, he is now determined to spread content and encourage new people and companies to join this technology by taking full advantage of its capabilities.

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Ricardo Nacif

Automation QA Engineer at Avenue Code

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Rodrigo Franco

Application Engineer at LivingSocial

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Simone Carletti

Software Developer at DNSimple

Simone Carletti is a software developer. He has been working professionally with Ruby since 2006. He's very passionate about code quality and best practices. He has been involved with FOSS (free/open source software) for more than a decade, contributing code and creating libraries in several different programming languages. Currently, Simone is a software developer at DNSimple.

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Thiago Scalone

Lead Software Engineer at CloudWalk

Ruby lover and developer for seven years, participant and speaker at Guru-SP, TDC, Ruby + Rails no Mundo Real, Ruby Conf BR, Ruby Kaigi, and many other communities and events. Worked as developer for 4 years in São Paulo, and 3 years ago started as embedded C developer.

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Yasodara Cordova

Project leader

Yaso is project leader at W3C Brazil office and co-chair of the Data on the Web Best Practices (#dwbp FTW!). Graduated in Industrial Design, self-taught developer and open source enthusiastic and practioner. Worked for many years at UNESCO as technical consultant for inovation, and in a past life won 2 Vladimir Herzog prizes making DataVis for journalism. Today, her work consists in research and build software that awake people to Web's potential to be a tool towards a more open, free and universal Internet.