UX Cambridge 2015

A great UX event for the software, mobile and web communities

9 11 September 2015

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[UX Cambridge uxcambridge.net/2015/?utm_source=lanyrd] is a community-driven, practical User Experience conference for software, mobile and web applications.

The conference consists of inspiring & practical keynotes, workshops, tutorials, case studies and experience reports as well as lots of time for informal networking and discussions.

Connect and learn from your peers and leaders in the industry in a comfortable and exciting space and take away skills you can immediately use in your work.

To be kept informed please track the event here on Lanyrd or follow @uxcambridge to keep up to date.

The event programme contains over 30 sessions - case studies, workshops, great keynotes as well as informal sessions, networking and fun.

Visit the [UX Cambridge website uxcambridge.net/2015/?utm_source=lanyrd] for more information.

41 speakers

  • Sarah Richards @escmum UX Cambridge keynote speaker
  • Josh Brewer @jbrewer UX Cambridge keynote speaker
  • Anna Kirah @annakirah UX Cambridge keynote speaker
  • Meriel Lenfestey @MerielLenfestey UX Cambridge keynote speaker
  • Rod Humby @RodHumby Problem solver, through the medium of UX design; gamestorming enthusiast; wonderer.
  • Mariana Mota Morris @MarianaMota Head of Design at software development company Oxford Computer Consultants. Co-organiser of UX Oxford.
  • Diana Mundó @dianam002 UX Lead for 7digital, a digital music and radio platform.
  • Cory-Ann Joseph @coryannj Content strategist @iqcontent, co-organiser @refreshdublin and sort-of poker player. Listening to D'Angelo on endless repeat.
  • Marcel Münch @_mm85 Designing innovative services & meaningful user experiences through a business perspective @si_labs Views my own.
  • Emmanuelle Savarit @eSavarit Human interaction, UX, Research & Digital Strategy - Deleguée consulaire Grande Bretagne
  • James Chudley @chudders Author of 'Smashing UX Design', UX Director at cxpartners, UXBristol founder.
  • Sjors Timmer @sjors Interaction Designer. Interested in the space between words and things.
  • Boguslawa Kaplan @BoguslawaKaplan Linguist, social sciences enthusiast and head of trilingual house
  • Katrine Rau @KatrineRau Service Designer who researches user behavior to solve business challenges. Focusses on human-to-human design. You can find her at GE.
  • Alisan Atvur @alisan_atvur Senior Design Consultant @frogdesign , Former Professor of Design (UX and Service), Apple Certified Product Professional, NYU Certified Researcher
  • Ben Holliday @BenHolliday Designer and Researcher

Coverage of UX Cambridge 2015

33 sessions

Day 1 Wednesday 9th September 2015

Day 2 Thursday 10th September 2015

Day 3 Friday 11th September 2015

56 known attendees

  • Andy Field
  • David Contreras UX
  • Alessandra Ferreira
  • Big Sofa
  • Roger Attrill
  • Zan
  • David Sheff Barker
  • Muhammad Arshad Malik
  • Irene Melo
  • Sarah Richards
  • Mark Dalgarno
  • Josh Brewer
  • Cara Hanman
  • anna kirah
  • Jacqui Davidson
  • Emilie Smith
  • Meriel Lenfestey
  • UX Cambridge
  • Rod Humby
  • Michele Ide-Smith
  • Mariana Morris
  • Diana Mundo
  • Cory-Ann Joseph
  • Marcel Münch
  • Emmanuelle Savarit
  • chudders
  • Sjors Timmer
  • Boguslawa Kaplan
  • Katrine Rau
  • Alisan Atvur
  • Ben Holliday
  • James Ferguson
  • Chris J. Bush
  • Francis Rowland
  • Nikiforos Karamanis
  • Jenny Cham
  • alberta soranzo
  • Paula de Matos
  • Chris Atherton
  • Neil Turner

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  • Dan Corns
  • UXCampBrighton
  • Pete McClory
  • Eddie Rich
  • Adrian Banks
  • Nick Dunlavey
  • chriscolegate
  • Ben Sauer
  • Liam Devaney
  • Darwin Peltan
  • Fiodor Tonti
  • 38one
  • Philip Roberts
  • karl
  • Alexander Baxevanis
  • Ashley Burton
  • Nick M Halliday
  • Anthony Viviano
  • Phil Rodgers
  • (((Ant Miller)))
  • James Young
  • Bruno Abdelnur
  • Konstantinos Penlidis
  • Patrick Spenceley
  • Boon Chew
  • Paul Bae
  • Davor Tomic
  • Joanna Pruchnicka
  • Chris Wellborne
  • Tom Bamford
  • Nina Bøyum
  • Bala S.
  • Sanita Lustika
  • Vernon Fowler
  • Don
  • Sam Hysell
  • Service Experience Camp
  • Leslie Mollner
  • Joe Welinske

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  • Cara Hanman @CaraHanman

    Event marketing and sponsorship contact

  • Emilie Smith @EmilieSmith01

    Team Co-ordinator

  • Jacqui Davidson @JacquiDDavidson

    Event co-ordinator & venue liaison

  • Mark Dalgarno @MarkDalgarno

    UX Cambridge organiser and event programme co-chair

  • UX Cambridge @UXCambridge

    Official Conference Twitter account - #uxcam

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