Reactive Architectures for Enterprise Applications Workshop

A session at ArchConf

Wednesday 6th April, 2016

3:15pm to 4:45pm (PST)

The end has come. REST is finally dead. The world of reactive data sources has killed it, and your users will be forever grateful. Gone from your applications are 'Refresh' buttons. Gone from your sever code are the polling routines, pinging remote services for changes. Customers dashboards update seamlessly and in real time. Your users have never been happier.

If this sounds like a world that you want to live in, join us for this awesome workshop exploring the various options available to the enterprise architect when designing and implementing the reactive software layers and constructs necessary to make this dream a reality today!

Users are demanding applications which keep them informed of new events as soon as they happen. They are no longer willing to accept “Just hit the refresh button” or “It will update in a few minutes by itself” when demanding satisfaction of this new basic requirement. They are collaborating in real time, co-editing, co-authoring, 'co-laborating' with colleagues across the country and around the world, chatting over the phone or VOIP while working together via your app. They want their updates to travel from their laptop to their co-workers screens as fast as their voice reaches them through the phone. This is a tough requirement to meet, especially when trying to put a modern face on a legacy app or integrating a shiny, new, reactive app with a legacy, REST-based datasource.

And it is not just your end-users that are clamoring for reactive data sources. No, the requirements for server-to-server communication of changes to data or state have forever changed. REST no longer is King in the world of web services. REST just doesn't cut the mustard any longer. Corporate users of your data services are demanding more flexible, reactive options when consuming your endpoints.

Join us for this thought provoking and exploratory workshop and learn the what, why and how of dealing with these new architectural challenges as we explore how you can architect your new or existing stack to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for 'real-time' applications and data services fed by reactive data sources regardless of your current technology choices.

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Peter Pavlovich

Principal Architect, Emerging Technologies & Innovations bio from LinkedIn

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Time 3:15pm4:45pm PST

Date Wed 6th April 2016

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