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Søren Birkemeyer

Fixing the interwebs, one bug at a time.

Holger Bartel

Web Designer & Frontend Developer. Co-Founder of uforepublic. Founder of Open Device Lab Hong Kong.

Dominic Grzbielok

Head of Product and Platform Development bei Target Video GmbH bio from LinkedIn

Christian Huber

Software Engineer, Hobby Geek, Java Coder, Gaming Nerd, Comedy Fan, Amateur Cook, Cat Lover... bio from Twitter


music, ink & cookie bio from Twitter

Moritz Gießmann

Frontend-Dev @1und1 Mail&Media (GMX, Web.de), Webkraut, former Webmonday Karlsruhe orga, Musician

Jon Arne S.

Making the web mobile ✩ Entrepreneur ✩ VP at @ScientiaMobile ✩ Tweets about mobile ✩ Techie ✩ Mantra: Do it different and do it well!

Bastian Allgeier

designer+developer, creator of http://getkirby.com bio from Twitter

Steffen Rademacker

Web-Developer, Fuzz-Lover, Wood Gnome

Stefan Grund

Macht Digitaldinge. Twittert über Popkultur, Medien und Technologie. Gründer von @shortfil, bloggt auf http://eay.cc.

Michael Csáki

IT- & Web-Consultant

Benedikt Kastl

Frontend Developer at cron IT, Stuttgart, Germany Twittering about webstuff, formerly known as Benedikt bio from Twitter

Luca Salvini

Handcoding standard web since 1995. Founder @madebymodo, @fromthefront and @kerningconf.

Robert Weber

Evil Frontend-Sorcerer Level 49 bio from Twitter

Ian Devlin

Web and app developer, author and HTML5 Doctor; Interested in HTML5, CSS3 and European history.

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Andrea Krajewski

Teaching Design of Interactive Media Systems at University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt bio from Twitter

Nick van der Linde

Principal interaction designer at Mirabeau Amsterdam. @edenspiekermann alum.

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Michael Chang

I make shiny things. bio from Twitter

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Mr Bingo

Some say he's the 'Master of pens'. Some call him the 'The Justin Bieber of drawing'. Some say he fucks about for a living. bio from Twitter

Holger Stach

Telefonica Germany, Web Development / Customer Self-Services / Konzepter

Isaac Durá

Java Backend Developer and entrepreneur at Virtual Environment Coworking bio from LinkedIn

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Tobias Baldauf

Web Performance Solutions Architect

David Maciejewski

Front-end Architect, Freelancer & Lecturer

Jens Strobel

Developer, Maker (3D-Print, Arduino, Raspberry Pi..), WebMontag Karlsruhe Orga #wmka, #4sqtypecast, ♥ Good Food and Drinks, pixeldreamz bio from Twitter

Frederic Marx

I plan, design, and build useful, focused, and fast responsive apps and websites.

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Val Head

Author of Designing Interface Animation 📕 http://designinginterfaceanimation.com • Design advocate at @Adobe • Curates http://uianimationnewsletter.com • Opinions mine bio from Twitter

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Jeremy Keith

An Irish web developer living and working in Brighton, England.

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Aaron Parecki

Cofounder of #indieweb/@indiewebcamp • Maintains http://oauth.net • Creator of http://micropub.net

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