ContainerDays Boston 2016

Boston's community container and dynamic infrastructure (un)conference

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"How do I go from Container 101 to doing this 'for real'? What's it like running Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos, etc. in production? What's the technical story behind containers? Where do the experts see this technology going?" And more...

ContainerDays Boston is a community (un)conference focused on containers and dynamic infrastructure in general, with a format similar to devopsdays.

The event aims to provide a non-commercial forum for experts and newcomers to share experiences and develop new perspectives - to promote discussions that go beyond "how do I do X with tool Y" and that start to explore containers and dynamic infrastructure as a paradigm.

Learn, share, experiment...and have fun!

18 speakers

  • Malte Schwarzkopf Malte co-leads the development of Firmament and worked with the Borg and Omega teams at Google
  • Ionel Gog @ICGog Ionel co-leads the development of Firmament and worked with the Borg team at Google and the cluster infrastructure team at Facebook
  • Jeff Mitchell @jefferai Jeff is the project lead on HashiCorp's Vault and has hacked on dozens of open-source projects
  • James Sturtevant @Aspenwilder James is a Tech Evangelist for Microsoft
  • Tim Gross @0x74696d Tim is a product manager for Joyent, providers of the Triton Elastic Container Service
  • Elliot Murphy @sstatik Elliot is the CEO of DevOps and security firm Kindly Ops
  • Andrey Sibiryov @kobolog Andrey is a Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Uber Technologies
  • Jonas Rosland @jonasrosland Jonas is a Developer Advocate at EMC {code} and a Docker Captain
  • Chris Kuehl @iamckuehl Chris is a Software Engineer at Yelp
  • Enlin Xu @IcebergXU Enlin is a software engineer at VMTurbo
  • Endre Sara Endre is the VP of Advanced Solutions at VMTurbo
  • Joey Schorr Joey is a lead software engineer on the Quay container registry team at CoreOS
  • Shannon Williams @smw355 Shannon heads up marketing and field efforts at Rancher Labs
  • Bill Maxwell @CloudNautique Bill is DevOps Manager at Rancher Labs
  • Mike Splain @mikesplain Mike is the Lead DevOps engineer at Barkly
  • Scott Weiss @ilackarms Scott is a Software Engineer working on advanced development projects at EMC
  • Borja Burgos @borja_burgos Borja leads the product direction of Docker's commercial services and solutions in the cloud
  • Quentin Machu @Quentin__M Quentin is an engineer on the Quay.io team

Day 1 from 9am to 5pm Tuesday 24th May 2016

Day 2 from 9am to 5pm Wednesday 25th May 2016

19 known attendees

  • Jeff Kwan
  • Quinn Murphy
  • Malte Schwarzkopf
  • DynamicInfraDays
  • Ionel Gog
  • Jeff Mitchell
  • James
  • tim gross
  • Elliot Murphy
  • Andrey Sibiryov
  • Jonas Rosland
  • Chris Kuehl
  • Enlin XU
  • Shannon Williams
  • Bill Maxwell
  • Mike Splain
  • Scott Weiss
  • Borja Burgos
  • Quentin M.

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  • Mehboob Alam
  • Mark Whelan
  • Stan Yamane
  • Christoffer Olsson

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  • DynamicInfraDays

    The community container and dynamic infrastructure (un)conference

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