ContainerDays NYC 2016

New York's community container and dynamic infrastructure (un)conference

3 4 November 2016

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21 speakers

  • Francisco Souza Francisco is a Docker Captain and software engineer at The New York Times
  • Jeff Mitchell @jefferai Jeff is the project lead on HashiCorp's Vault and has hacked on dozens of open-source projects
  • Joe Brockmeier @jzb Joe is a RHEL and container evangelist at Red Hat and a long-time participant in open source projects
  • Tobias Schmidt SoundCloud @dagrobie Tobias is a production engineer at SoundCloud and an active contributor to the Prometheus and Kubernetes ecosystems
  • Tim Gross @0x74696d Tim is a Product Manager at Joyent where he develops ContainerPilot and application blueprints for the Autopilot Pattern
  • Philippe Suter @psuter Philippe is a Research Staff Member at IBM T.J. Watson, working on OpenWhisk
  • Joshua Kwan @joshk0 Joshua is a Senior Software Engineer at Arbor Technologies, passionate about helping engineers get more done with less effort
  • Brad Ison @bison__ Brad is a site reliability engineer at CoreOS, helping teams deploy their web applications with Kubernetes and Quay
  • Casey West @caseywest Casey wears the mantle of Principal Technologist focused on Pivotal's Cloud Foundry Platform
  • Jason Heiss Jason is an engineer at Two Sigma Investments working on Docker, Kubernetes, and other container-related projects
  • Shawn Bower @drizzt51 Shawn is a Docker Captain and Cloud Architect at Cornell University
  • Shannon Williams @smw355 Shannon heads up marketing and field efforts at Rancher Labs
  • Rob Bagby @RBagby Rob is a Senior Cloud Architect for Microsoft
  • Julian Dunn @julian_dunn Julian is a product manager at Chef Software and works primarily on Habitat
  • Idit Levine @Idit_Levine Idit is the CTO for EMC's cloud management division and a member of the global CTO office
  • Tara Walker @taraw Tara is a technical evangelist for Amazon Web Services
  • Mackenzie Kosut @mkosut Mackenzie is the Principal Startup Evangelist at Amazon Web Services
  • Nathan Valentine @nrvale0 Nathan is a Principal Automation Engineer for Rancher Labs
  • Vinod Jayaraman @coozy Vinod is co-founder and chief architect at Portworx
  • Jesse White @Jesse_White Jesse is Principal at Contino, helping the world's biggest brands deliver better software
  • Rodric Rabbah @rabbah Rodric is an IBM Researcher and leading contributor to OpenWhisk

Day 1 from 9am to 5pm Thursday 3rd November 2016

Day 2 from 9am to 5pm Friday 4th November 2016

22 known attendees

  • Francisco Souza
  • Jeff Mitchell
  • Joe Brockmeier
  • Tobias Schmidt
  • tim gross
  • Philippe Suter
  • DynamicInfraDays
  • Joshua Kwan
  • Brad Ison
  • Casey West
  • Jason Heiss
  • Shawn Bower
  • Shannon Williams
  • Rob Bagby
  • Julian C. Dunn
  • Idit Levine
  • Tara
  • Mackenzie Kosut
  • Nathan Valentine
  • jv
  • Jesse White
  • rr

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