Musical style (Classical, Jazz, Evergreen Live interpretation) The new way of Leadership, Team building and Sales


Tuesday 18th October, 2016

1:00pm to 2:00pm (CET)

Learning objectives and experience:
-To learn the basic professionalism: loyalty, common sense, logic and knowledge power.
-To learn how music style and the metaphor of music provides a new vocabulary for discussing sales, leadership, teamwork and innovation in today's business world.
-To use the metaphor of music in order to discuss communication, collaboration, trust, listening, creativity, preparation and performance.
-Live piano performance and video records of classical, jazz and evergreen music performances in order to illustrate the points, Mihail Kitanovski deliver a powerful and interactive keynote speech.
-To connected music creation with business challenges and how it helps to re-enforce important messages about teamwork and leadership.

Outcome and expectations: (by theme or combo)

 intensive time of self-discovery and expanding leadership and sales mindset and skills
 inspiring our leaders and salesman to stretch to their fullest potential
 elevating the sense of purpose and a shared responsibility for the work and for the team
 using knowledge as a power and using soft skills to reach common success and business logic
 elegant performance and creative thinking
 creative music and business adventures
 the piano follows the audience requests concerning sales, leadership and management power
 admirable, moving and educational experience

The workshop key words

Key words – Management
-Sales techniques, skills and negotiation
-Sales recursive improvement
-KPI, Target, Planning, Reporting
-The power of new sales methods
-Empowering knowledge
-Team work in real life
-Behavior and Team building
Key words – Music:
-Live piano performance
-Classical music
-Jazz and Blues Music (free style)
-Explore the parallels between music and business.
-Unique and enjoyable way to remember the subjects and conclusions
-Remember the key management issues through music performance

Program audience design:
-Workshop (up to 16 participants)
-training (up to 25 participants)  
-Corporate event (as relevant)
-Team building (as relevant)
-Coaching session (up to 4 participants)
Methodology and experiences - music and management:

In order to present the main characteristics, Mihail Kitanovski first present video/sound presentation of Sonata in C major, 1st movement, K545, W.A. Mozart.

Then the session continues with presentation of the highlighting notes about how the team members (the team that plays classical music) are balancing listening and responding, emotional awareness, preparation, self-discipline, concentration, rationality and emotional flow, as well as personal and shared responsibility in performance.

By live piano performance, Mihail Kitanovski present the ability of new Leaders and/or Salesman, how these characteristics should be implemented in real business world and communication processes.

Creative people and their processes play a prominent role in business processes as organizations seek to deploy the merits of business process management to more than just the set of transactional processes. Product development and marketing campaigns are just two examples of such creativity-intensive processes that increasingly find their way into the agenda of process managers. Besides this, there are entire and quickly growing industries designed around creative processes, with the entertainment industry being the most prominent example of a creative industry.

The dynamic musical world of jazz provides an excellent illustration of this new corporate environment. The session begins with a short performance, giving participants an opportunity to listen and observe how jazz musicians improvise and innovate within clearly defined structures, make changes, be more flexible, take risks, value diversity, rotate leadership and build on each other’s ideas in performance.

The live performance begins by Mihail Kitanovski of Summer Time, George Gershwin G Minor (John Coltrane and Miles Davis) and video presentation of Manhattan Jazz Orchestra lead the participants to the new live experience how to be more creative, flexible and to take into the consideration of new ways of Leader and Team player.

The performance of symphony orchestra is one the most effective and powerful metaphors. Knowing the overall strategy helps the company’s workforce stay focused on the organizational mission: meeting the needs of the consumers in that target market. Even if the company implements smart policies, competitors might steal customers, unexpected disasters might cripple operations and economy fluctuations might erode the buying capabilities of target market. Corporate policies are only as effective as their implementation. Good corporate governance requires having the discipline and commitment to implement policies, resolutions and strategies. Fairness must always be a high priority for management. Companies also must be fair to their customers, both for ethical and public-relations reasons. Managers sometimes keep their own counsel, limiting the information that filters down to employees. When employees understand management’s strategies and are allowed to monitor the company’s financial performance, they understand their roles within the company.

Using a live piano performance by Mihail Kitanovski and video performed by of J.S. Bach - Toccata in d minor, participants are invited to engage in an interactive discussion how playing in an orchestra mirrors working in a large organization.

The keynotes are trust, listening, collaboration, preparation and technical excellence. Participants also learn how the conductor (without music and speech) provides leadership and team leading during the performance.

Live piano performance
oMihail Kitanovski begins by performing selected pieces of piano music to try to present how high-level musicians master technique, concentration and emotional power could be performed by combo/mix of Classical (Mozart, Bach, Tchaikovsky), Jazz (Gershwin, Porter), Evergreen (Autumn leaves, Game without borders), 7/8 & 9/8 rhythm and self-composing music – A minor. The participants are invited for questions and discussions about the form of their own experience, especially that gained in a particular profession at work.

Participants learn how the metaphor of music provides a new way of leadership, teamwork and salesman through to be competent in all aspects of work, including management, professional knowledge and skills up to date, by regularly take part in activities that maintain and develop competence and performance, to be familiar with guidelines and developments that affect the work and to take steps to monitor and improve the quality of personality.

About the speaker

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Mihail Kitanovski

International management & business consultant - General manager at D2EM Consulting bio from LinkedIn

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Time 1:00pm2:00pm CET

Date Tue 18th October 2016

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