DEVit Conference 2016

A world-class software development conference organised by the most active, independent, non-profit, local organizations

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19 speakers

  • Laura Kalbag @laurakalbag Laura is a designer / developer / activist working on social technology that respects human rights. Co-founder of Ind.ie.
  • Soledad Penades @supersole Devevangineer at Mozilla. Building real time audio+graphics experiments with JavaScript; breaking half the browsers in the process. It's fun!
  • Hugo Giraudel @HugoGiraudel Hugo is a Front-end developer at Edenspiekermann in Berlin. CSS goblin, Sass hacker & serial writer. OSS toolbelt: SassDoc & Sass Guidelines. Co-author of Jump
  • Forbes Lindesay @ForbesLindesay Open source JavaScript developer, Jade maintainer and Software Engineer @ Facebook.
  • Michał Budzyński @michalbe Michał is a subway systems geek and ancient Roman coins collector from Poland. Organizer of onGameStart and AntarcticJS. Former Boot2Gecko developer at Mozilla.
  • Alexandre Morgaut @amorgaut Alexandre is a Web Architect and Project manager at Wiztivi. Wakanda community manager & Speaker. Founded NantesJS. Former W3C member.
  • Dan Cuellar @thedancuellar Dan Cuellar is the creator of the open source mobile automation framework Appium, and Head of Software Testing at FOODit in London.
  • Yegor Bugayenko @yegor256 CTO and co-founder of Teamed.io; a regular blogger at www.yegor256.com; a hands-on Java developer at takes.org
  • Carlo Sciolla @skuro Carlo is a travelling technologist passionate with OSS, CTO at Sytac IT Consulting by day and Clojure fanboy by night. He runs the Amsterdam Clojure meetup sinc
  • Karina Popova @kary_key Karina is a DevOps/System Software Engineer at whatever mobile incl. international professional interactions with representatives of government institutions & a
  • Brendan Forster @shiftkey Brendan is an Engineer at GitHub, focusing on all things Git and Windows. He also contributes to a few open source projects, such as ReactiveUI, libgit2sharp, O
  • Kostas Pantos Cloud Architect at Microsoft and advocate of Rich User experience. Regural blogger and community builder at dotnetzone.gr. Kostas has worked for many major Gree
  • Etienne Margraff @meulta Etienne is a web evangelist at Microsoft, MS Ventures Paris CTO and co-creator of Vorlonjs: an OSS cross-platform tool to debug websites and node.js processes.
  • Simona Cotin @simona_cotin Simona, a full stack engineer building rich data visualization for network data in Corvil. Very passionate about AngularJS and is part of the Dublin Meetup team
  • Giorgos Katsiampas @katsampu CSS hacker @ Skroutz.gr!
  • Nikos Kostoulas @nkostoulas Senior Software Engineer @ Workable
  • Sokratis Vidros @sokratisvidros Senior Software Engineer @ Workable.
  • Petros Amiridis @amiridis Working @GitHub Support, programming for fun, working remotely, love cooking and food, and want to learn how to play the guitar.
  • Thanasis Polychronakis @thanpolas

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  • Kostas Bariotis
  • angelkar
  • Mark Pors
  • afolabi  bukola elijah
  • Laura Kalbag
  • Theodore Keloglou
  • Konstantinos Margaritis
  • /'supərsolɛ/ ㋛
  • dimitri ntempos
  • Hugo Giraudel
  • Forbes Lindesay
  • Michał Budzyński
  • Thanos Theodoridis
  • Alexandre Morgaut
  • Vaios Karampinis
  • Dan Cuellar
  • Yegor Bugayenko
  • Annie Chatsatrian
  • Andy Fou
  • Anastasia Solari
  • Carlo Sciolla
  • Karina Popova
  • Adonis K.
  • Alex-P. Natsios
  • Brendan Forster
  • Konstantinos Pantos
  • John Economou
  • Amalia Vradi
  • Etienne Margraff
  • Simona Cotin
  • Sakis Zafeiropoulos
  • Giorgos Katsiampas
  • Tasso Efkarpidis
  • Nikos Kostoulas
  • Aristotelis
  • Sokratis Vidros
  • Petros Amiridis
  • Thanasis Polychronakis

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  • Pavlos Chrisochoidis
  • Maxim Salnikov
  • Louise Corrigan
  • Burak Yiğit Kaya
  • Melissa Ayers
  • Nikos Dimitrakopoulos
  • Patroklos Papapetrou

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