Call for Submissions

EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference 2016

The Call for Papers is now open - selecting the theme for EuroSTAR isn’t easy. You want it to summarise and steer the event towards your dream conference, but “Awesome Stuff About Testing” doesn’t have a catchy ring, does it? It should not be very specific like “Metric and Dashboards Week“, or you end up with a one dimensional program. But it can’t be too generic either, like “The Testing Conference“, because it doesn’t help influence the subjects being talked about.

Our dream is a conference in which you can return to work changed and, if you are a speaker, make a change to the listener. For this we need to work with the essence of our software testing craft. Testing is performed in order to uncover information about the status and direction of a product, to expose new information with which our teams can take decisions and calculate known risks. Testing is done to learn. And this capability to learn or to manage the learning is we want to get when

So we selected as our theme for EuroSTAR 2016:

“Learning to Test, Testing to Learn”

This call is now closed. You can find more information here.

  • Opened on: 24th November 2015
  • Closed on: 5th February 2016
  • Notification date: 24th March 2016



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