2016 European Students For Liberty Conference

The largest gathering of pro-liberty students and young professionals in Europe.

11 13 March 2016

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With the new format of the ESFLC, we want to offer you more than just lectures and passive learning – now we've got a full, immersive active learning experience and methods for practical application from experts in different fields. You can look forward to all this and more.

The ESFLC is held in a friendly environment suited for exchanging of ideas and debating the ideas of a free society. Every view is welcome as long as it is respectful and advancing towards a freer society.

Thanks to the enhanced networking experience at ESFLC, you will meet people from all over Europe who are interested in the same areas as you are – be it business, economics, social liberties, academia, or cryptocurrencies.

59 speakers

  • ESFL @ESFLiberty ESFL is a student-driven nonprofit organization to support students and groups dedicated to liberty. We run conferences and find talented student leaders.
  • Lawrence W. Reed @lawrencewr President of the Foundation for Economic Education
  • Tom G Palmer @tomgpalmer Vice President at Atlas Network & Senior Fellow at Cato Institute.
  • Annie Machon @anniemachon MI5 whistleblower and now writer, public speaker, campaigner and media pundit.
  • Brian O'Shea Founder and CEO at Striker Pierce Investigations and The Ayla Foundation
  • Jared Meyer @JaredMeyer10 Fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research and contributor at Forbes Magazine
  • Richard Vedder @theCCAP College Affordability Expert
  • Ebba Karlsson Junior Management Consultant, Psychologist
  • Christoph Heuermann Perpetual Traveler
  • Marek Tatała Vice President at Civil Development Forum (FOR)
  • James Lark Professor at the University of Virginia, Vice Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Virginia and Board Member at Students For Liberty
  • Andrew Bernstein Philosopher
  • Titus Gebel Former CEO of Deutsche Rohstoff
  • Juraj Bednar Entrepreneur and co-founder of DIGMIA
  • Christopher Snowdon @cjsnowdon Head of Lifestyle Economics at the Institute of Economic Affairs
  • Lutz Kleveman German investigative journalist and author

48 sessions

Day 1 from 2pm to 10pm Friday 11th March 2016

Day 2 from 9am to 8pm Saturday 12th March 2016

Day 3 from 10am to 2pm Sunday 13th March 2016

101 known attendees

  • Martin
  • Ana Khvedeliani
  • Raffi Elliott
  • Bethgoch
  • Nino Khazalia
  • Sonja Wap
  • Mario Lenart
  • Dalibor Jiříček
  • Šárka Prát
  • Stefan Grassmann
  • Oliko Kobakhidze
  • Dávid Stancel
  • Jeff Bussell
  • Philipp Behm
  • Christopher M.L. Griesbeck
  • Petteri Lohivesi
  • Anne Therese Krieger
  • Olivia Welsch
  • Ratio
  • Kristína Cesneková
  • Daniel Kaiser
  • Umberto Stentella
  • Ján Valášek
  • Korbinian H. J. Rausch
  • Mara Somesan
  • Zofia Szczech
  • Guillaume Beltramo
  • Jan Nad
  • John murphy
  • Mark McAdam
  • Anze Sarabon
  • JustViki
  • Henri COSTA
  • Stella
  • Christina
  • Bettina
  • Ahmet B. Arpa
  • Muhammed Emre Bayir
  • Karol Pęczek
  • Lenka Moutelíková

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  • Nico Macdonald
  • Enrico Mavilla
  • Clyde Liberty
  • Florence Coussan
  • Zlata R
  • Carl Arvidsson

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