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Jfokus 2016

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Jfokus 2016 will consist of three full days 8-10 Feb 2016.
The first day will be a university day with half-day presentations (3,5 hours) and 9-10 February will be regular conference days.

Here you can propose a presentation for Jfokus. We will get back to you as soon as we have decided which presentations that will be accepted for Jfokus 2016.
The last day for submitting proposals is 30 September 2015.

Speaker instructions
Please read instructions below before posting a proposal.

Presentation length
A normal presentation slot is 45 minutes including 5 minutes for questions (e.g. actual presentation should be ~40 minutes). Between each presentation there is some time for speakers to switch, and for audience to switch session. Tutorial slots are 3-4 hours and short presentations (lightning talks) are about 10-15 minutes.

Commercial policy
Sessions are not to be used by individuals marketing or selling products, consulting, or other services. This policy does not prevent product users from referring to specific commercial products, nor does it prevent user roundtable discussions regarding specific products, but the focus on the presentation should not be product related.

Propose presentation
In order to propose a presentation you need to be registered. Submit your email address below and you will receive an email with further instructions.

This call is now closed. You can find more information here.

  • Closed on: 30th September 2015



Jfokus 2016

Sweden Sweden, Stockholm

8th10th February 2016

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