Sessions at 2016 Maryland Library Association & Delaware Library Association Joint Annual Conference about Trainers on Thursday 5th May

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  • Training the Trainers: Successful Reference Referral Training Using the READ Scale (Room 3)

    by Lisa Vassady

    Location: Room 3

    This academic library has been developing a training program in the reference referral system for student assistants (SAs) over 3 academic years. The program’s goal is to effectively instruct SAs in balancing high quality customer service with the importance of appropriately referring users to librarians. The trainers met these goals through incorporating a modified version of the Reference Effort Assessment Data (READ) Scale, a reference transaction assessment tool developed by Bella Karr Gerlich, into the student training program.

    Workshop attendees will learn about the READ Scale, understand how a referral model can optimize service and allow trainers to assess the effectiveness of their training programs, actively participate in several READ Scale training games and activities, and then brainstorm other ideas for creating READ Scale related training techniques.

    At 3:00pm to 5:00pm, Thursday 5th May

    In Clarion Resort Hotel