Portland is an awesome place to be a JavaScript hacker.

JavaScript is everywhere. It’s in your browser, on your server, in your phone, on the wire between your devices, and possibly in your thermostat, beer keg, or karaoke system... and it’s only growing from there. We’ve gone from roll-over effects to robots, codeable toys and automated quad-copter drones, all speaking a common language of JSON, often sharing JavaScript code at their core.

Portland is home to some of the most talented developers in the world. We’re not kidding. Our quirky and distinctive town breeds creativity in all things, from the culinary arts and funky brews we’re so famous for to artisanally crafted Python and minimalist-chic of JavaScript micro-libraries. PDX is bursting with artistic craftsmanship unlike anywhere else on the planet.

NodePDX creates a time and a place for this community to share information, discuss ideas, and work together to improve the art and science of hacking.

24 speakers

Coverage of Node PDX 2016

34 sessions

Saturday 18th June 2016

Workshops, Bike Ride, Reception Day 1 Sunday 19th June 2016

Day 2 Monday 20th June 2016

Day 3 Tuesday 21st June 2016


39 known attendees

  • John Antony
  • Ted Pennings
  • Kevin Ellis
  • Matthew Kosak
  • Allen Newton
  • Agyei castro
  • Ben Jones
  • nodepdx
  • Walker
  • Ari Porad
  • Andrew VanVlack
  • Liz Savage
  • David Goodwin
  • Erik Ratcliffe
  • Colin Ewen
  • Liz Abinante!
  • Tomomi ❤ Imura
  • Adam Ulvi
  • Jean-Jacques Dubray
  • Jacob Groundwater
  • Suchita Doshi
  • Josh Marinacci
  • James Churchill
  • Joel Lord
  • Artur Paikin
  • jarod reyes
  • Ben Michel
  • Matt McKegg
  • Blaine Schmeisser
  • David Manning
  • substack
  • Azat Mardan
  • Troy Howard
  • Adron Hall
  • Jon Oropeza
  • Emily Rose
  • 〽️artypd⚔
  • Mike Glukhovsky
  • Andrew Chalkley

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  • Walé Ogundipé
  • Sarah Day
  • Eileen Wong
  • Dan Miller
  • Jesse Wakeley
  • Richard Goodwin
  • Josh Visick
  • Alan Cohen
  • John Roberts
  • Kevin Colten
  • Tony O

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