Pattern Matching Makes You Powerful! (In All Languages!)

A session at NFJS Greater Wisconsin Software Symposium

  • Danny Brian

Friday 11th March, 2016

4:45pm to 6:15pm (CST)

Regular Expressions are an undervalued, underutilized tool in the developer toolbox. Few programming technologies have stood a comparable test of time for their capacity to improve developer productivity, to shortcut complex tasks, to reduce dependency on various libraries, and to encourage code reuse. They also help to teach patterns and improve pattern recognition, not only for code, but for programmers themselves. Competency with regexes will make you a better programmer, regardless of your choice of language or platforms. And it will impress your peers, too!

This workshop will teach you the fundamentals of writing, debugging, and testing PCREs (Perl-compatible Regular Expressions) in multiple programming languages. With hands-on examples we will cover regex syntax, metacharacters, assertions, grouping, quantifiers, greed, capturing, balanced matches, and replacing. We'll compose regexes from scratch to parse some common string formats such as URLs, email addresses, and even JSON. Given enough time, we'll even learn look-around assertions, and examine some creating uses of regexes in the field of natural language processing.

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Danny Brian

Designer, Architect, Mentor

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Time 4:45pm6:15pm CST

Date Fri 11th March 2016

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