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14 16 October 2016

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58 speakers

  • Michael Blastland freelance writer and broadcaster; created the BBC radio series ‘More or Less’; author of ‘The Tiger That Isn’t’ and ‘The Norm Chronicles’
  • Petra Boynton @DrPetra Social Psychologist working in International Health Research; She has been an Agony Aunt for 14 years, most recently at The Telegraph
  • Captain Disillusion @CDisillusion Alan Melikdjanian, better known as his superhero alter-ego Captain Disillusion, is an independent filmmaker
  • Timandra Harkness @TimandraHarknes comedian, writer and presenter whose work for the BBC has seen her presenting documentaries on multiple topics
  • Dr Karl @DoctorKarl Karl Kruszelnicki, better known as Dr Karl, is one of Australia’s most recognisable broadcasters and science communicators.
  • Sally Le Page @sallylepage Sally Le Page is the host of ‘Shed Science’, a YouTube series exploring the world of biology, from genetics to behaviour, produced from her garden shed.
  • Cara Santa Maria @CaraSantaMaria broadcaster, podcaster and science communicator; she joined the Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast in July 2015
  • Mark Stevenson @Optimistontour writer and comedian whose book ‘The Optimist’s Tour of the Future’ took him in search of technological breakthroughs
  • Susan Blackmore Visiting Professor in psychology at the University of Plymouth
  • Matt Parker @standupmaths Emcee
  • Shaun Sellars @TheWholeT00th dentist and co-organiser of Lincoln Skeptics in the Pub, Lincoln PubhD and Nerd Nite Lincoln
  • Grant Ritchey Jr. @SkepticalDDS taunch science based dentist for thirty years and has attended the ADA’s Centre for Evidence Based Dentistry conference as both a participant & speaker
  • Martin Law runs a private practice in Portsmouth where he is an active member of Portsmouth Skeptics In The Pub
  • Laura Thomason @_JosephineJones Project Leader for the Good Thinking Society
  • Stevyn Colgan @stevyncolgan
  • Cognitive Dissonance podcast @dissonance_pod Participating in the podcast programme track
  • Britt Marie Hermes @NaturoDiaries ex-Naturopath, blogger at Naturopathic Diaries, Science Based Medicine et.al.
  • InKredulous podcast @InKredulosi live recording of the InKredulous podcast
  • Noah Lugeons @Noah_Lugeons host of Scathing Atheist and God Awful Movies podcasts
  • Eli Bosnick @elibosnick co-host of The Scathing Atheist, God Awful Movies and The Skepticrat
  • Heath Enwright @heathenwright co-creator of the Scathing Atheist podcast, co-host of God Awful Movies podcast
  • Cecil Cicirello co-creator of the Cognitive Dissonance podcast
  • Tom Curry co-creator of the Cognitive Dissonance podcast
  • Michael Marshall @MrMMarsh live recording of Skeptics with a K podcast

49 sessions

Thursday 13th October 2016

Day 1 Friday 14th October 2016

Day 2 Saturday 15th October 2016

Day 3 Sunday 16th October 2016


57 known attendees

  • Thomas Askew
  • Tim Radford
  • Vera de Kok
  • David Gamble
  • Lee Christie
  • Tomas Kulk
  • zooterkin
  • Petra Boynton
  • Captain Disillusion
  • Timandra Harkness
  • Dr Karl
  • Sally Le Page
  • Rick Owen
  • Cara Santa Maria
  • Mark Stevenson
  • Matt Parker
  • Shaun Sellars
  • Grant Ritchey Jr.
  • Laura Thomason
  • Stevyn Colgan
  • CognitiveDissonance
  • Britt Marie Hermes
  • Andy Wilson
  • ScathingAtheist
  • Eli Bosnick
  • Heath Enwright
  • Michael Marshall
  • Mike Hall
  • Alice Emma Louise
  • Meirion Jones
  • Koestler Parapsych
  • Deborah Hyde
  • Hayley Stevens
  • Andy Wilson
  • Trent Burton
  • Ginny Smith
  • Richard Wiseman
  • Tiernan Douieb
  • David Alnwick
  • (((Grace Petrie)))

10 people tracking this event

  • Michael Josephson
  • Nico Macdonald
  • Alessandro Gatti
  • Ruth Nolan
  • Adrian Belcher
  • Conway Hall
  • Nik Dunne
  • PK Kent
  • Luis García Castro
  • Tim Farley

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