A polyglot day: learning from language paradigms

A session at SDD 2016

Friday 20th May, 2016

9:30am to 5:30pm (GMT)

What if you understood all the paradigms that define modern languages? You could program better in your base language, choose the best tool for the job, integrate ideas from other languages and design systems that cross boundaries from legacy to the future. Awesome! But, who has time to do the hard work of learning a bunch of languages from the inside out to be a true polyglot programmer?

Instead, immerse yourself in a polyglot day exploring the varied landscape of language paradigms with a dynamic and balanced duo. One is a passionately pragmatic programmer, team lead, and solution architect with extensive experience developing business applications, as well as teaching, speaking, and writing about effective development. She’s also offered real world feedback to Microsoft on language development for nearly 20 years. She’s paired with an expert in algorithms, functional programming and type systems who’s worked and experimented with languages across all of today’s paradigms and thinks about problems of dependability, performance and scale from a perspective of core principles.
These two will bring you a challenging day designed to stretch how you think about programming, introduce new skills and increase your understanding of languages outside your comfort zone.

The day starts with an exploration of language characteristics like the degree of static typing, availability of functional constructs, use of object orientation, emphasis on structural rules, dependence on ecosystem, and human language readability. You’ll see how languages like C#, Java, Python, Haskell, F#, JavaScript, Visual Basic and C++ implement basic principles in different ways and often embrace multiple paradigms.

You’ll see how these characteristics lead some languages to be a better fit for particular problems you may encounter. Languages today are nothing without their ecosystems. Ecosystems provide runtime libraries, process tools and editors. We lean on things like IntelliSense, real time syntax checking, “application” navigation, package managers and debugging support in almost every moment we are coding.

The afternoon returns to the focus of expanding how you think about the languages you code in every day. You’ll see specific functional techniques used in strongly typed object oriented languages, apply strongly typed ideas to dynamic languages, see alternate methods of extension and check the performance of algorithms created in several different ways. You’ll leave with a deeper understanding of the value of programming features and how to apply these in your day to day coding.

About the speakers

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Benson Joeris

http://bjoeris.wordpress.com/ bio from Twitter

Benson is an expert in algorithms, functional programming and type systems. He’s programmed in just about every paradigm available. With a PhD in mathematics (graph theory) from the University of Waterloo, his academic work includes novel algorithms in addition to pure mathematics. His teaching includes the Pluralsight course “Haskell Fundamentals”. He’s also worked in the business world as an algorithms expert and in designing and implementing a highly scalable server for the online game Prismata. He can sift through a volume of complex concepts to focus on the ones that matter to you, and then teach these to you in a way you can understand and apply.

This person is speaking at this event.
Kathleen Dollard

I coach your .NET teams to improve in place, without disrupting current projects bio from Twitter

Kathleen wants to teach you to code better. She wants to teach you more about the tools you use every day and the tools, and maybe even languages, you aren’t yet using. Coding is her passion and debugging is her challenge - you’ll be happier if you do both better. Kathleen has written dozens of articles, spoken at conferences and user groups around the world, and pushes Microsoft to respond to your real-world needs as a long time MVP. She’s the Director of Engineering for Real (www.engagereal.com) and you can check out her courses on .NET and metaprogramming in the Pluralsight library.

2 attendees

  • Benson Joeris
  • Kathleen Dollard

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SDD 2016

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16th20th May 2016

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